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When I got the chance to do this post my mind became overwhelmed with all the bloggers I could feature in this post. There are so many bloggers that I love reading time and time again!  But I did manage to narrow it down to just five! Some I “know” and some I just follow! 

 Megan is the woman behind In this Wonderful Life. I started following her journey when she was pregnant with her first son Cohen and found out that he had a CHD. She was around 20 weeks pregnant when she found out. I followed her as she finished her pregnancy, when she had Cohen and when he passed away just 10 days after birth. There were so many of us who followed Megan, Brent {her husband} and Cohen’s story. We were all devastated by the loss. Megan and Brent handled it and are still handling it with so much grace. Just recently they announced that they are pregnant with twins, one girl and one boy and I’m beyond happy for them!

Baby Dickey blog

Emily at Baby Dickey was one of the first blogs I read. I started off following her on twitter and quickly started following her blog! She has a personal blog where she blogs about her little man Ryan (who’s twitter birth I remember), birth/c-section awareness and SO much more! She’s an inspiration to me because she does it all she’s a Mom, she’s a WOHM and she runs TWO blogs! 

So I like to pretend I’m crafty and on one of those kicks I found All Things Thrifty. She does these absolutely AMAZING furniture restorations. My favorite things that she’s done are the crib remodel for her son {that she did while she was pregnant!}, a yellow nightstand, a fabulous fabulous FABULOUS dining room table and most recently how to make your own in-ground trampoline

Looking for a super funny mommy? Look no further. I met the woman behind Crunchy VT Mommy on twitter she was all saucy and up in my face about something having to do with breastfeeding. And then we realized we could easily be BFF. And we pretty much are! She is hilarious and I rarely leave her blog without laughing. The times I’m not laughing I’m ooohing and awwwing at her two adorable kiddos C and L. Crazys got two under two! 

I found Just Lovely Things fairly recently. I can’t remember how I stumbled along to it but I instantly added it to my reader. She has an etsy shop were she makes hair pieces like the one in her header. She’s constantly posting gorgeous inspiration and it’s so fun to just visit her posts and veg out on the prettiness! 

Who are your favorite bloggers?

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