16 & Pregnant: Kayla {Episode 6 Recap & Thoughts}

This week’s episode is about Kayla. She lives with her Mom, Deb. Her Mom and her Dad are divorced and she hardly ever sees her Dad. It’s the summer before her senior year and her boyfriend Mike lives an hour away and already graduated high school but her Mom decides to let him move in. 

She was on the gymnastics team at school and it seems like her friends are really supportive. Her Mom was with her when she took the pregnancy test. Kayla was diagnosed with anorexia when she was 13 and was hospitalized. She still has a lot of problems with gaining weight. 

Her Mom was a teen mom as well. Do you see a trend? Divorced parents, teen moms, Dads not really in their lives etc etc. 

Kayla’s Mom has a boyfriend and they spend a lot more time together than they used to. It hurts Kayla’s feelings because they used to do everything together. As the episode progresses you can see that she’s really struggling with gaining weight, especially since her mother isn’t there for her as much as she wishes she was. 

They find out at an ultrasound that’s she’s having a little boy and they pick out the name Preston in what seems like about 30 seconds. Can it really be that easy? I’m jealous! 

It quickly switches from baby names to budgeting in the next scene and they visit Once Upon a Child to see how much things would cost. She texts her Mom because she feels overwhelmed and needs help so they meet up for dinner. Her Mom insists that everything is going to fall into place and she should try and stop planning so much. Kayla asks her Mom if she’s going to be around more when the baby is born and why she hasn’t been around lately. Her Mom doesn’t deny it, she just says that she’ll make a point to be around more! 

She has lots of sleep overs with her friends, it’s nice to see that while she’s pregnant nothing has changed. That’s really important. She really wants to graduate from High School and walk with her class but she’s know it’s going to be hard. She plans to take off less than 6 weeks from school. Her Mom tells her that she’s going to want to take off more time.

She’s only gained 12lbs since she’s got pregnant and at that point she was 6 months pregnant. She says that she stands in front of the mirror and cries about her stretch marks and how fat she’s gotten. She also asks her Mom if it would be safe to lose weight while she was pregnant. 

Mike goes home for a night so her and Deb can have a girls night. Her Mom ends up getting tickets to see the Twins game and instead of taking Kayla she decides to take her boyfriend so she calls one of her friends Kelci and she comes and picks her up so they can hang out! I’m really disappointed in her Mom and so is Kayla so she calls her Mom and they talk about it but her Mom seems unconcerned. She pretty much says that Kayla is 17 and doesn’t need her all the time and she has life too and Kayla has to understand that which she obviously doesn’t. 

She goes to her 7 Month check up by herself because Mike is at work and her Mom is with her boyfriend. She talks about her weight gaining and what she can do about it. The doctor doesn’t seem to be aware of her problems with anorexia. The day of the appointment she doesn’t eat anything all day until she “knows” the baby needs something so she eats Nilla Wafers. 

The day before the 1st day of school her friends help her make a belly cast which is so sweet and nice of them but she has to stop because she’s about to pass out probably because she hasn’t eaten in quite some time but she ignores her friends requests to make her food and tells them she doesn’t feel hungry. Her friends call the doctor and the doctor tells them that they need to go to labor and delivery the friend on the phone immediately starts crying because she’s so scared about what that could mean for Kayla and her baby. 

She’s at the hospital with Mike and like 5-7 of her friends. Her Mom finally arrives but its obvious she doesn’t feel well because she hasn’t been eating. The doctor makes her an appointment to see a nutritionist. He friends take her out to eat and they’re trying to get her to eat. They can’t seem to comprehend why she won’t eat for the sake of her baby. 

The first day of school arrives and Kayla is really nervous but her friends are super excited about being seniors! She said it was super exhausting and everyone stared and she couldn’t fit into her desks. 

Her Mom goes with her to the nutritionist office were the nutritionist says that she should be having her meals with someone all the time to ensure that she eats. Her Mom says she doesn’t thinks that would work better, probably because she doesn’t want to have to be home all the time with Kayla. :/Even with the nutritionist telling her Mom that she needs to be with Kayla to make sure she eats her Mom still doesn’t change her ways and stay with Kayla. Mike tries to get her to eat but she continues to decide that she’s just not hungry. The doctor talks to her AGAIN about her lack of gaining weight. She says that she knows that she needs to be healthy for him, and that the needs to be first before her weight gain but she’s having a hard time acting on that. 

She talks with another friend about her plans for once she graduates about how she had big dreams and she doesn’t want to be stuck in this town like her Mom was. Two weeks before the baby is due they have her baby shower and get the nursery ready. Mike is going to stay with the baby while Kayla goes back to school but Kayla still questions if her mother is going to be around to help like she says she’s going to be. 

When her water breaks she goes and wakes up her Mom. She tells her that her water breaks and she’s cramping up and her Mom says to her “Come get me if something happens” which is outrageous because obviously something was happening, Kayla knows that so her and Mike decide to go to the hospital without telling her Mom. Eventually she shows up. 

Mike is one of my favorite guys on this show so far. He’s quite, and he’s supportive. She was in labor for about 13 hours when they start talking about having her get a c-section because she wasn’t dilating fast enough for their liking. After 23 hours she “HAS” to get a c-section. I want to throw up for her. 16 and a c-section for no reason AT ALL! Preston Michael was born on November 4th 8lbs 6oz. 

Because of the c-section she has to stay in the hospital for 3 days and they talk about recovery and having to take care of a baby too. She tries to learn how to breastfeed, we’ll see if that lasts. When they come home her Mom is there and says that she’s going to be there to help. She cooks a huge dinner for everyone and her boyfriend is even there, and his name is Mike too! Deb had told her that she was going to take a week off to help her but once they’re home she decides she’s not going to do that. 

She was pumping milk for Preston until her milk supply started to deplete. She thinks it went down because she wasn’t eating enough so now they’re giving Preston formula! While out to eat with her friend she talks about how she hates her body even more now because everything “fell”. 

Deb decides that she wants Mike to pay rent, she wants $300 a month from him. Kayla says to her Mom you had said we wouldn’t have to pay rent as long as everything for Preston was being taken care of and he’s doing that. So they say that he doesn’t even make $300 and Deb says okay then can you start working full time? And Kayla says well then I can’t go back to school because Mike would have to work and Kayla’s Mom just kinda looks at them and says “He pays $300/month or he can’t live here anymore”.  Officially hate the mom. 

He starts working full time so he can pay the rent and by the end of the month they only have $60 to pay for wipes, diapers and formula. She gets REALLY behind on school work since Mike is hardly ever home anymore and she spends all day taking care of the baby. And her Mom is still MIA. Maybe she needs the extra $300 to help pay for that gas money she spends by constantly going to her boyfriends instead of being a mom/grandma?

Kayla’s friends seem really concerned about Kayla and they want her to succeed. They talk about college and how it’s going to be so weird without her. Even after Preston came they’re still having sleep overs and getting together regularly. They talk about her Mom where she says that Deb has *never* bought anything for Preston and that she’s afraid to ask her Mom for anything. 

WTF. Deb wants to start losing weight so she ask her anorexic daughter if she wants to go on a diet with her. WTF is wrong with this woman!? Kayla says to her that they’re pretty dysfunctional as a family and she doesn’t really want to do that with her and says that it’s a new low to ask her to go on a diet with her considering everything and that’s completely true!

Her Mom is never home and one night they didn’t have heat. They called her Mom and she didn’t answer. So they had to go get a hotel room because it was WAY too cold for them and Preston to stay since it was the middle of the winter. Her and her mother go out toe eat to talk about everything and her Mom keeps saying that “she’s tried” but its obvious that she doesn’t try. When Kayla mentioned the heat thing and having to get the hotel room her Mom just kinda looked at her and didn’t say anything. 

The episode ends with Kayla talking about how Mike is her biggest support system and how she has no idea what she would do without him and how sad she is about how her relationship with her mother has gone and how she’ll make sure that she’s always there for Preston. 

I don’t know how I feel about Kayla she obviously has a HUGE problem but at the same time I want to punch her in the face. I can’t comprehend how the mothering instinct doesn’t over power everything else. And it makes me sick to my stomach to think that when she DOES eat it’s cookies and not something that actually has nutrients. And her Mother is truly a piece of work I understand what she’s saying about Kayla being 17 and that she has her own life but Kayla is doing some major damage to her body and her baby and she needs to be there to help her through it! 

When Deb asked Kayla to go on a diet with her I just about lost it. This woman can not be serious?! She needs some serious help and I honestly doubt that they were ever as close as Kayla claims/thought. 

I really like Mike he is so sweet and it’s obvious he’s a great boyfriend and a great Dad. And despite the issues that Kayla had with her eating disorder it’s obvious that she’s a really good Mom too! I think Kayla and Mike have a huge chance of being on third spin off of Teen Mom because of her struggles with anorexia and her dysfunctional relationship with her mother!  

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