16 & Pregnant: Jamie {Episode 3 Recap & Thoughts}

Jaime is from Ashville, North Carolina. The father of her child is Ryan. She lives with her Mother and has little to no contact with her father. She’s a straight A student who plans on graduating in the spring. 

Ryan has a court date so he misses Jamie’s appointment and her Mom seems semi annoyed that she has to drive her. I don’t get that. There a lot of GOOD men who can’t be at every appointment. But it’s also the third appointment in a row that he’s missed. The doctor asks if she has any questions since she’s term and it could happen any day now and she asks about stretch marks. Makes her sound like she doesn’t understand the seriousness of what’s happening to her but at the same time it was a concern of mine as well. 

Another Teen Mom with daddy issues. Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so! Too many of these girls don’t have both parents in their life! Her Dad is only semi involved in her life, he doesn’t seem to make an effort but she decides to try one more time with him and they end up meeting in the park. They decide that they’re going to both try and make more and an effort to be in each other’s life. 

She seems to have a strong support system of friends which is always so important. The girls who make it with or without the fathers are the ones who have a strong family support i.e Maci and Leah! 

Ryan seems to be a good guy despite his party boy ways and his trouble with the law. 

They had a really nice shower but her father didn’t show up. Her high school as a daycare center. Is that good or bad? Our local high school has a day care as well! I’ll share how I feel about that in the thoughts section! 

Okay Ryan is starting to show his douchiness. She can’t get a hold of him and she’s IN LABOR! Hello, this is important! 

Jaime gets an epidural and Ryan doesn’t show up until she’s FIVE HOURS into labor. He makes up some excuse about how he was knocked out sleeping and she says to him “You smell like you’ve had fun”. 

For the people interested in the birth–she labors on her back in a hospital with an epidural. Her mother and Ryan are by her side. The doctors talk to her about the possibility of using forceps. I didn’t think they used those anymore. The epidural is pretty strong because she needs to be told when to push. 

She kicks Ryan out of her room for being so late to the birth once she has Maia. Seems like she ended things with him but they weren’t very clear about that. Her Dad shows up to see her while she was in the hospital which I was surprised about. 

They leave the hospital and go back to her Mother’s House Ryan didn’t call her BUT he does come to the house with a change of clothes planning on sleeping there. He tells Jaime if she wasn’t breastfeeding he would take her home and Jaime was like NO! If you reek of weed and booze all the time you can’t stay with my child. The end. They’re fighting and both sobbing when her mother walks in. AWKWARD. 

Jaime is staying so strong, I’m so impressed. I really like her mother too. She has no problem telling Ryan how it is. Ryan thinks that he can just take newborn Maia home just because he’s her father but just because you fathered a child doesn’t mean you’re responsible enough to take care of one and he obviously isn’t! 

She’s co-sleeping and breastfeeding. Love it. Ryan ONLY calls to see if he can take her alone. Jaime maintains that she can’t be away from her young infant for that long. When he starts arguing with her she just wakes up. His name isn’t on the birth certificate. That’s interesting. 

Jaime goes back to school and is able to bring Maia with her. OMG OMG. Hello car seat safety. Can we TEACH IT!? Jaime drops Maia off at daycare and begins playing catch up. She was a straight A student before getting pregnant so let’s see how she does. She gets texted in the middle of day and called back to the daycare so that she can breastfeed. 

On Jamie’s first day back at school she finds out that Ryan has a new girlfriend, that they’ve been seeing together for months and that he was most likely with her the night that she went into labor. Yup. Douchebag assessment is correct. 

She meets up with Ryan without Maia and tells him that she knows about the cheating. He denies it and she tells him no need to deny I know you’re lying. So he decides to talk about Maia  She tells him they’re going to go through the court system when it comes to custody. He starts crying because he wants to see her in the meantime but Jaime doesn’t seem to care at all and just walks away. She looks really good by the way. 

The episode ends with her talking about how she wishes things could have been, her changing her number and visiting a lawyer to talk about custody. They also show her hearing about a partying, wanting to go but then saying she can’t because of Maia. She says she doesn’t like leaving Maia because she’s her responsibility and no one elses’. Which is exactly right! 

All in all I really liked Jamie, she seems like a good mom who has a great head on her shoulders. It’s a shame she got involved with someone like Ryan in the first place. 

Okay so like I mentioned above the High School that Mason will go to one day has a daycare center in the high school. I’m not sure how I feel about it. Does it promote teen moms or does it help them succeed? I’d like to think that teens wouldn’t want to get pregnant just because they would have day care. That doesn’t make much sense. So I like that they have a higher chance of succeeding and living a normal life with the in school day care. It also keeps them closer to their babies which is nice. I love that this particular school allows the mothers to breastfeed, I’m starting to like this idea more and more! 

So what did you think about tonight’s episode? What did you think about Jaime/Ryan? What do you think about day care centers in high schools?

Next Week’s Teen Mom will be on at 9pm! 

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