16 & Pregnant: Danielle {Episode 4 Recap & Thoughts}

So this is late, usually I have it posted within 30 minutes of the show airing BUT I of all people totally forgot that they change the time to 9pm so needless to say I was a little annoyed when I turned on MTV at 9:30pm waiting for the new 16 & Pregnant to start and immediately remembered that they were airing early this week. grrr. 

This episode features Danielle, from the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio. She was living with her Mom until they started fighting a lot about Danielle’s partying ways. Her Grandmother stepped in and thought she could help and had Danielle move 45 minutes away to live with her. That’s where she met her boyfriend and current father of her child, Jaime. Speaking of Jaime, he works at McDonald’s which thankfully is by where he lives because he lost his license! Since Danielle ended up pregnant her Mom made her move back in with her! 

They plan on getting there own place. They’re having a little boy and they’re naming him Jaime Jr. She says that his “I don’t care attitude” attracted her to Jaime. How great right? He left High School and hasn’t finished. Danielle is homeschooling but she complains about how lonely it is! She says she wants to go back to school for her Senior Year. She says she misses being around her friends and how everything has changed. She got pregnant because she wasn’t taking birth control and they weren’t using protection. She found out when she went to the clinic to get birth control. She went took a test and wasn’t pregnant so she ordered birth control, when she came back to pick it up they made her take another test which came out positive. 

Her mother, Casey, got pregnant with her at 16. {hello statistics}. Her Mom feels so guilty that she let Danielle go live with her grandmother because she had a feeling she would end up pregnant just like she did. 

Danielle says that her and Jaime wouldn’t be together if she didn’t get pregnant. They were only together 3 months before she found out she was pregnant. She was talking to her Mom about how much Jaime makes and her mom is shocked to find out that he only makes about 600 a month but when Danielle talks to it later he says he makes 800-900. They’re trying to work out a budget and it’s obvious that neither of them know what they’re talking about and they immediately start fighting about it. 

Danielle and Jaime decide that Danielle and the baby should move in with Jaime and his father. Her mother obviously voices some concerns, especially on how it makes her look as a mother. I love that Jaime stays calm, he just wants to be with his baby. They decide that she’s going to move in with Jaime and his Dad once she has the baby. In the mean time she’s going to stay with her Mom since she lives closest to the hospital. 

She starts having contractions and goes into the hospital where they decide that they would feel more comfortable if she has the baby tonight so they start an IV drip of pitocin. After a bit she decides to get an epidural because the pain is too much. As soon as she got the epidural  her baby went into distress and they had to deliver immediately. He had to be suctioned out in an emergency procedure according to Danielle which I would assume meant a c-section but it doesn’t seem like that’s what happened. 

Jaime is super cute with Jaime Jr and he seems completely okay with being hands on and doing diapers etc. He doesn’t stick around for long after they come home from the hospital because he has to go talk to his boss since he missed a bunch of shifts while Danielle was in the hospital! They suspend him and are limiting how much he can work, knocking him down to 10 hours a week which I would imagine is less than half of what he was already working. 

Jaime gets a job by his house with a construction agency so that’s when Danielle decides that it’s time to move in with Jaime and his father. She quickly comes to the realization that living with Jaime and his Dad means that all the responsibilities of Jaime Jr. lands on her. When she was living with her mother she got a lot more help. Danielle finds out that she’s failing two of her classes. She speaks with a school representative where she finds out she’s even further behind than she thought. 

She’s struggling with living with Jaime and his Dad and so is Jaime’s Dad because they don’t do a lot to help him. They go to visit a daycare because Danielle needs to finish school. Jaime is NOT happy about it at all because he thinks that Jaime Jr is too young to go to daycare and they fight about it in the daycare. Jaime walks out.  She goes out to dinner with her Mom to discuss all the problems she’s been having and she decides that she needs to move back home with her Mom if she wants to succeed in school. 

It ends with Jaime saying how he feels like everything is resting on his shoulders. Danielle talks about how if she had known the real Jaime she wouldn’t be with him but then she says that she wants to marry him and be with him and be a family. 

Jaime doesn’t really bother me and he seems like a decent guy. He’s pretty low key the entire episode. Danielle doesn’t really bother me either, I just don’t think she has any idea what she’s doing. I wish I saw more of a bond between her and Jamie Jr. I think I was spoiled from last weeks episode. 

I really hope they can succeed because it seems like for the most part they could. Although she still maintains that if she would have known the “real” Jaime she wouldn’t be with him. But then she says she wants to marry him and be with him because she loves him more than anything. She’s obviously really conflicted. 

This week’s episode was fairly boring. Next week seems like there will be more baby daddy/mommy drama! 

Danielle’s 16 and Pregnant After Show

So what did you think of this week’s episode?

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