16 and Pregnant-Cleondra {Episode 5 Recap & Thoughts}

 Cleondra lives with her mother who was really disappointed with Cleondra getting pregnant because she feels like she really did a good job educating her about safe sex. Cleondra planned on having an abortion but because you needed parental consent she ended up talking to her Mom about it. Her Mom said that she was all for having her get an abortion but they’re not clear on why they ended up deciding to keep the baby. 

She has a very tight knit family, she says they have to be considering how small the house is. Her older sister already has a daughter, it seems like she’s young as well. Cleondra was a dancer and she misses it and her dance friends miss her too so they go out to dinner with her. They seem supportive. Cleondra is having a little girl! 

Mario is Cleondra’s boyfriend and the father of her unborn baby. He was planning on joining the Army before she got pregnant. Now he has a job at an auto body shop. She was talking about how he was trying to fix up his house because he wants them to live there together as a family once the baby comes. Cleondra doesn’t seem to be too into that idea saying that she’s going to be at her Mom’s house when the baby first comes home. Mario is *not* happy about that at all! 

For their two year anniversary Mario makes Cleondra dinner at his house. The scene opens with him talking to his father about how he wants what he had growing up with him and Cleondra living together and the baby having her own space which isn’t possible at Cleondra’s house. 

When talking to her friends she says she’s only going to be out of school for two weeks. I highly doubt that will happen. Two weeks is nothing as far as recovery and bonding with that baby goes. Cleondra helps out A LOT with her niece/family. 

Mario’s Mom who also seems so young talks to them about how she doesn’t want to be called “grandma” she has other options. Cleondra is against calling her anything but grandma so they move on to baby names. His Mom suggests the name “Twilight”. Surly she’s joking. The name talk bothers Cleondra as well. Mario picks up on that and mentions it later when they’re discussing names. They get into a little argument about names and Cleondra says something like “if we can’t agree on a name how are we suppose to be together” um NEWS FLASH picking a name is super hard and even the most stable couples of major arguments over the HUGE decision! 

Her friends through her a baby shower which is super sweet. Not all of the Teen Moms on 16 and Pregnant have a good support system, the most successful ones do. They ask about Mario and she tells them that he’s at work cut to him being at work bitching to his co-worker about how he wants Cleondra to move in with him and how he doesn’t like how hormonal she is and how much he hates pregnant women. 

They decided on a name. Kylie Sue. 

She’s about four hours into labor and she says that her epidural isn’t working and she’s getting the urge to push. She has Mario and her friend Tyler in the delivery room to support her, her Mom stays in the waiting room because she gets too squeamish. After the baby is born Mario goes out to the waiting room crying to tell friends and family that Kylie Sue is here. She was born on November 29th 2010. 6lbs 12oz. 

After the baby is born she goes back to her house with Kylie. She talks to her sister about what it’s like to be a Teen Mom and it seems like her sister had way more adjustment issues when it came to taking care of her little one. Mario gets annoyed with Cleondra because she leaves Kylie with her sister while she went with her sister because he doesn’t trust them to watch her sister. 

Mario spends more time pestering Cleondra to live with him than he does helping her with Kylie. She finally decides to spend the night at his house to see how things go and he sleeps the whole time and doesn’t help.  They’re having a really hard time adjusting to being parents and still being a couple but it seems like they both want to work on it. After a talk with their mothers it seems like they’re going to be alright. Cleondra still seems really in love with him and he obviously wants to be with her as well! 

I feel bad for Cleondra, she’s not ready to move out and she also feels guilty if she does because she would be leaving her family in a tough position because they need her to help take care of her niece. To me she’s obviously not ready to move out of her Mom’s house and I hate that Mario tried to pressure her into doing that. I see his point, I do BUT he really needs to try and understand her point of view. 

I think this couple has A LOT of potential to stay together and work it out. As far as Teen Mom 3 potential goes, I’m not so sure. I haven’t seen one couple yet that I’ve been like OMG I def want to to follow their story. 

What did you think?

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