Why I love Bounce Houses

Really what’s not to love about these things? They are SO much fun and relatively safe! When I was in New York my Mom, L, Ava, Mason and myself went to my Aunt’s house because she has a bounce house place right by her house! 

We had such a blast and it was totally worth every penny! At first Mason was NOT happy about it at all. He was crying and shaking poor guy but within a half hour he was running around and loving it! We took some pictures but we took a TON of videos. 

These too were from before Mason started to like the bounce house! 

 Ava on the horse! 

 Ava going down the slide! 

Luke going down the slide

I was SO glad he ended up loving the slide! 

Here’s so more, like I said earlier we took a ton of videos, I’m posting them all here because I know my grandmother is going to love them. I fall in one of them so look out for that! 😉 

Me, my Mom and the kids going down the big slide

Aunt Denise and Luke going down the slide

The One where Christa Falls

Mason and Mommy go down the slide

All the kids go down the slide!

Mason goes down the Big Slide all by himself, NO FEAR! 

That’s all folks 😉 

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