Verdict on Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress

Who stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding? 

I didn’t. 4am? No Thank You. 

But I’ll admit it as soon as I woke up I turned on the TV because I wanted to get a glimpse of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress! And I LOVE it! 

{Getty Images}

{Getty Images}

Kate Middleton’s train was only 10ft long which may seem long to us but when you compare it to Princess Diana’s train which was 25ft it’s short! 

When I saw her dress the first thing I thought was how similar it looked to Grace Kelly’s wedding dress and sure enough I wasn’t the only one who thought that because I quickly found pictures which compared the two dresses! 


Her dress was by by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton

Here’s a picture of William {he was there too} with Kate!

What did you think of Kate’s Dress? What did you think of the wedding in general? 

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