Teen Mom 2 Unseen Moments Recap


Adam and Chelsea go to the animal shelter with the intentions of adopting a cat. At one point Adam says “You like the smelly and lazy one” well she likes you Adam so why does this surprise you? 

Jenelle talks to Andrew, Jace’s father he decides to give custody to Barbara and thinks that Jenelle should do the same although Jenelle doesn’t think she should! Obviously we know what happens there. I hate how Jenelle thinks shes such a good Mom. 

Jenelle and Keifer visit a Food Bank. I’m pretty annoyed by this. I feel like they’re really taking away from the needy. But I guess if Jenelle was a real Teen Mom she would be visiting a Food Bank but something tells me next year we won’t see this scene at all! 

Leah and Corey’s missed moments were pretty much just moments when they weren’t together and some fighting before the wedding. 

Barbara got her own unseen moment!! She explains that she always on Jenelle because she WAS Jenelle when she was younger and she knows that she’s gonna hit rock bottom before she can get better! 

oh no. Jo’s a “rapper”? I die. He’s every other Northern boy who thinks he’s hard. sign. I just lost respect for him. 

I can’t understand how Adam has the money to buy a car and fix it up but not enough money to pay child support or rent? And this scene made me realize that Aubree looks a lot like Adam! 

Wow. Jo’s Dad is a jerk! You could tell by the look on his face that he knew that Jo cheated but somehow it was still all Kailyn’s fault. It’s ridiculous! 

I didn’t have much to add this week since it wasn’t anything new really. We already know how most of the things turned out especially with Leah and Corey. SO many previews for 16 & Pregnant! Join me next week to discuss that and I’ll make my predictions on who I think will make the cut for what I’m sure will end up being Teen Mom 3!

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