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With Teen Mom 2 officially over, what now? How do we stay on top of what’s going on? Well if you’re on twitter I have the perfect solution 🙂

So I’m not a stalker, I promise. But since I’m a tweeter and I love Teen Mom 2 I created a list of all my 16 & Pregnant, Teen Mom, Teen Mom 2 stars twitter accounts! You can follow that list to stay on top of all the latest going ons of the stars or you can follow your favorites individually! Here’s all the Teen Mom 2 Twitter Accounts:



Meghan {Chelsea’s Ex-Roommate/Friend}-@MENelson10

Jenelle- @PBandJenelley_1


Jo {Issac’s Father and Kailyn’s ex}–@overtimeboy1

Jordan {Kailyn’s Boyfriend}–@renneWTnadroJ

 Jo and Kailyn seem to be on good terms according to their various tweets to each other!  

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