Teen Mom 2 Finale Special Recap {Reunion Episode}

I love reunion episodes! I love seeing where every one is now from their perspective, I know that we hear a lot through the gossip sites but never from them so it’s nice! 
Leah/Corey–Makes me sad that Corey was apparently sleeping “dating” around but I also know that Leah really hurt him in the beginning! Corey is so sweet, you can tell when he talks about Ali how much he loves his family. You just know that he’s a good father! Talking about Ali is make ME tear up! Aw they have Friday date night that is sweet and SO important for any married couple! I never have much to say about them other than LOVE LOVE LOVE. So we’ll keep it at that lol. 

Chelesa/Adam–I knew from the coming attractions they would be back together! Adam looks so dirty. Like Hi your sideburns are too long. It’s weird but I get Chelsea and Adam, don’t get me wrong I think Adam is a jerk but I get them. I get why they keep coming back together I get why they fight, I get it. Chelesa’s Dad is so good to her and I wish Adam would just step up and deal with it. Do something to change things! Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Chelesa’s Dad? It’s easy to see why her Randy doesn’t think anything is going to change. And Adam is SO disrespectful. And of course Randy is going to focus on the negative. What positive does see?  I hope they get it together or break up for good!

Kailyn/Jo/Jordan–Kailyn just broke my heart when she was watching the clips and started crying. I feel so bad for her. It’s hard to understand how some people have no respect for the mother of their child. I’m glad that Jordan wasn’t just a fling. He seems good to her and he’s so sweet. Remember when she called him dumb in the beginning of the season? Bet she feels dumb now lol! Jordan’s shoes. Is this real life? I agree with Dr. Drew I think Jo felt deeply betrayed by Kailyn and really cared about her but I don’t think that meant that he had the right to treat her the way he did. I can’t believe Kailyn hasn’t talked to Janet after everything she’s done for her! Aw Jo expected her to be his Wife. How sweet is that? Now why couldn’t he ACT like that’s what he wanted? OMG OMG Jo’s totally IN LOVE with Kailyn. There was WAY too much hesitation for me! I mean I feel like if they could work through their issues they could possibly be together and make it work. Jo wants that. But how can I reasonably say that she should try harder with the way he speaks to her? It WAS abusive. 

Jenelle/Barbara–Thank you Dr. Drew for telling Jenelle she puts Jace last. FINALLY. “He’s a criminal, he’s homeless, what’s not to love” LMAO! Oh Dr. Drew you just cracked me up! I hope Jenelle can stay away from Keifer! How about the fact that she takes care of your son, Remember him? Jace? It’s alllll about Jenelle! So I agree with Jenelle about this Barb def yells too much. Tough love OBVIOUSLY isn’t working with Jenelle so maybe she should try a new approach? Just maybe? I don’t blame Barbara for not being able to come up with something right off the bat, and I don’t agree with Dr. Drew putting her on the spot like that. And she’s not lovable?! What Mom says that about their child?! Poor Jenelle. At least Dr. Drew thinks she’s lovable! I don’t think these two are going to work out their issues unless they both make radical changes! Jenelle moving out his absolutely the best choice! 

I love hearing the questions the girls ask each other. I wonder if they’re all good friends. The questions were pretty boring. Leah asked Chelsea how she deals with Adam and her Dad. Chelsea asked Leah about dealing with Twins. Jenelle asked Kailyn what the hardest part about filming was. Boring Boring Boring. I agree with the girls though I truly believe the whole 16 & Pregnant Franchise is doing GOOD not bad! 

Kind of annoyed they didn’t bring up Meghan’s pregnancy! Guess it’s not that big of a deal for them! 

So what’s going on Next Tuesday? Teen Mom 2 unseen moments! It’ll be fun to watch this! I can’t wait to see how the fight between Kailyn and Jo’s Dad started and how it ends! Then on April 19th it’s the premiere of 16 & Pregnant Season 3! A whole new set of girls and hopefully Teen Mom 3 🙂 Rumor has it Teen Mom is coming back in the Summer, I’m super excited to see what’s going on with Maci and Caitlin, I guess I don’t mind knowing what’s going on with Farrah and Amber too. Although I could do without them :/ 

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