RIP Palm Pre

My Palm Pre was thrown in the toilet by my hellion son. I put it in rice for THREE maybe even four whole days and it turned on and the touch screen was even working but within 6 hours of it being activated the touch screen was no more.  So now I’m out of a phone, a smart phone that is 🙁 I have insurance but they want to send me the Palm Pixi because they consider it to be comparable. But I don’t! This is the Pixi in case you were wondering

It’s just not the same in my opinion. 

Dear Palm Pre: 

You will be sorely missed. I loved how easy you were to use, multi-tasking and “throwing away” things that were running. 

Blogging, Tweeting, and life in general will not be the same with out you. 

Your Cherished Owner

So now I’m on the market for a *new* or at least *new to me* smartphone so if anyone has an old smartphone they’re not using and don’t want shoot me and email or if you have any suggestions on what smart phone I should get once my upgrade is available let me know! 

I have Verizon by the way! 

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