Partners in Crime

Ava is absolutely obessed with Mason and Mason is absolutely obsessed with Ava so it came as no surprise that these two became partners in crime during my visit to NY. 

First Mason did this: 

But Ava had no problem coming along to help him out with the mess!  

In these Mason pulled the bench away from the wall were it was suppose to be and he and Ava sat there like they owned the joint.

Ava was so sweet with him through out the entire time. Here they are enjoying some Frosted Flakes. 


They were SO cute together. Mason would wake up in the morning and as soon as he heard Ava he would jump off the bed and run to her. Usually he wouldn’t get very far because as soon as Ava would realize Mason was up she would run to greet him! 

Mason also has been talking a lot more since our trip. Usually you can’t really understand what he’s saying but being around L and A has really made him more vocal. He was using the words he already knew like ice, this, that, stop, hey, etc but he also started to say Cup and imitating sounds like “Dave” and answering when Ava or Luke called out to him! It was like hearing them gave him the confidence that he could do it too! 

Spending the week in NY made me realize how if Mason had siblings they could distract each other a lot more often but it also means they could be destructive together! 

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