Leah and Corey Getting a Divorce?

UPDATE: It’s true. Just check out their local paper

My friend Veronica sent me a link to The Huffington Post saying that Leah and Corey are getting a divorce! 

 Rumors have been circulating that Leah and Corey are getting a divorce! 

E! Online reported that it’s official, Leah has filed for Divorce. 

Just the other day Leah tweeted that her and Corey WEREN’T getting a divorce. 

I checked her twitter account and she hasn’t tweeted since the 17th BUT she did change her profile picture from one of her and Corey to one of her and her friend. 

I really hope these rumors aren’t true but it seems like they are! 

“Leah filed on April 14,” a staffer at the Kanawha County Clerk’s Office told E! News this morning. Messer, 18, did not state a reason for her split from Simms, 20. And there was no immediate word on custody of Aliannah and Aleeah. “There hasn’t been a hearing date set yet. The documents are not public record,” the clerk added.”

I’m not sure if I believe it. Although I do find it interesting that they waited until the Teen Mom 2 Season Finale to file.

Rumors are also circulating about Corey and a mystery girl on Facebook! Apparently he was sending some not so platonic messages to some girl named Jordan. For more on that you can check out BabyCenter

What do you think? 

To read more check out E! Online! 

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