The Help Trailer

I read The Help by Kathryn Stockett a couple of months ago. I devoured it within two days. It was amazing and I’m so excited that it’s being made into a movie! @MommyBoots pointed out to me on twitter that the trailer has finally been released! Check it out: 

I really like Emma Stone although I’m not sure I pictured her when I thought of Skeeter. Actually I know I didn’t. I pictured someone much taller and lankier. I also picture her mother older and more frail but overall I think it looks pretty good. I hope they can capture the seriousness of the book, the trailer seems a little too happy go lucky for what’s really going on! 

For me, no movie is EVER as good as the book was but I always like to give them a shot! 

Did you read The Help? What do you think of the trailer?
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