Amazon Kindle w/Special Offers

The Amazon Kindle is now being offered for $114, that’s $25 off the normal $139. Cool right? 


I’m not sure. See there’s a catch. The new Kindle w/Special Offers is available for Pre-Order now, but what are the Special Offers?  Special offers can include/be similar to $20 Amazon gift cards for $10, 6 audio books for $6 dollars and an album from the Amazon MP3 Store for $1. And there will also be sponsored screen savers that advertisers buy. 

Amazon is saying that it won’t interfere with reading but I can’t help but wonder if it’s worth the $25 off. 

What do you think? Will you take advantage of the $25 savings by going with the Kindle w/Special offers or will you stick with the Kindle or the Kindle 3G

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  1. Regan S says

    I got my son the newer Kindle with offers for his 12th birthday and it’s really great! The offers aren’t obtrusive at all and DO NOT pop up while reading. They are a screen saver and I think a small banner on the bottom of the menu screen. The offers are usually pretty good too.

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