16 & Pregnant: Jordan {Recap & Thoughts}

The Dish on Jordan–

She’s a twin and a model. Her grandparents raised and her sister after her parents divorced because her mother couldn’t handle raising four kids on her own. Her and her sister, Jessi have had a lot of problems since she started dating her boyfriend Brian, things got worse once she became pregnant. 

Because of the modeling they were both home schooled but once Jordan got pregnant they stopped homeschooling and started taking classes to get their GED. 

While doing Jordan’s hair her twin says that she hopes Jordan goes into labor when Brian isn’t there so that she can be “the one” that’s there during the labor. It’s all she seems to want to talk about, how’s she’s being replaced. 

Jordan says she was on the pill when she got pregnant but she hadn’t been taking it long enough for it to be effective. From comments that Brian said she’s been pregnant longer during their relationship than she wasn’t. 

Her sister threw her a baby shower. This is wear they announced that the baby’s name would be Noah! From the show out at the baby shower it seems like Jordan and Brian have a lot of supportive friends. 

Brian isn’t going to go away to college so that he can be there or the baby. Jordan asked her grandmother if Brian could move in but her grandmother isn’t hesitant because of Jessi and because she’s afraid that Jordan and Brian are only together because of Noah. Brian assures the grandmother that that’s not why their together and even if he can’t move in he’s glad that Noah will be living there because she’s taught Jordan and Jessi the value of family and he wants Noah to know that as well. She decides to let Brian move in because she can tell that Brian and Jordan are really in love. But she’s concerned about how it will affect Jessica. 

Jessi is not happy about the move in but Jordan is trying by spending more time with her sister but it’s hard for both of them and that’s obvious. 

Jordan plans on having both her sister and Brian in the delivery room so she brings them to her doctor appointments too. The tension between Jessi and Brian is palpable. It’s like their both competing for Jordan’s love. Brian even goes as far as telling Jordan that he doesn’t want Jessi in the delivery room because he doesn’t feel like it will be special with Jessi in the delivery room because she’s always picking on him etc. Jessi doesn’t take it well and immediately starts crying. Jordan ultimately decides that she wants Jessi in the room with her. 

Jordan skips a baseball game and thankfully she does because she ends up going into labor. She seems to be handling the pain fairly well. I’m impressed, I’ve seen some of the other 16 and Pregnant moms who were out of control with the screaming etc. She’s 3cm  dilated and seems to be progressing well but they put her on pitocin. It seems like she doesn’t get an epidural though which is also impressive! 

She attempts breastfeeding at first. We’ll see how long it continues. Kailyn from Teen Mom 2 also attempted breastfeeding. Apparently not long because she’s shaking up a bottle after just getting home! Maybe she’s supplementing because she appears to be breastfeeding too! 

Jessi gets upset because she asks Jordan to teach her how to change a diaper and then she calls Brian into the room and totally pushes Jessi out and they start fighting about everything that’s changing relating to Jessi no longer being Jordan’s number 1 person. 

Seems like Jordan may have a little bit of the baby blues which is obviously to be expected! She quickly realizes how much things have changed. Noah seems to have colic which is hard to handle, her sister is moving on with life as usual and Brian starts school leaving Jordan behind. Because of the constant crying they bring him to the doctor where they find out that he has sever acid reflux so he had to go to the hospital and get an IV for him. 

The show ends with Jordan talking about how different the last year of her life has been, how she loves being a Mom, wishes she had been older and about what kind of birth control she’ll be on! 

All in all I liked this episode. Brian and Jordan seem like a really strong couple and like things will last which according to some internet research not only have they lasted but they’re also married and Brian is thinking about joining the air force! Because he’s joining the Air Force I don’t think they’ll be on Teen Mom 3 if such a thing is to happen!

I like Brian a lot you can tell he’s a stand up guy. He’s giving up his dreams so that he can be a family  man and that’s more than a lot of these boys do. He’s also really respectful of her grandmother. 

But I will say that it rubs me the wrong way that she was a model before going on 16 & Pregnant. Makes me wonder if her agent got her the gig know what I mean? 

So what did you think about the premiere of 16 and Pregnant?

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