16 & Pregnant: Jennifer {Episode 2 Thoughts & Recap}

Jennifer’s very close with her family! Josh is the BF/Baby Daddy. Her parents don’t like him because he’s too old for her! and to top it all off Jenn’s pregnant with TWINS! 

They were very surprised when they found out she was having twins! Her parents/Mom question having a baby shower which I don’t understand! Why? She’s pregnant it’s happening. Embrace it. Support it! They’re probably having a hard time because Jenn is SUPER young. She’s only going to be a sophomore in High School. OMG this is the couple where the guy said “It’s awkward buying condoms” and she said “It’s awkward walking around with a big baby” 

The babies names are Noah and Joshua Jr. Jenn’s parents don’t want her to name one after the boyfriend Josh and they don’t want her to give the babies his last name. I REALLY REALLY hope that she listens to them. He’s here now but who knows how long he’ll be around! She needs to protect herself. 

I don’t like Josh. He’s not awesome at all and he says things like “Me and Them” how about “We’re” GOD poor girl. This is the father of her child GAH!

Jenn is the only pregnant girl at her alternative school. This is going to be super hard for her! The doctors are already planning a c-section for her! Of Course. 

Josh’s parents seem to be supportive. The Mom is going to throw her a baby shower since you know HER MOM won’t. Which is just mean. But now that Josh’s Mom is going to throw her a baby shower now her Mom wants to do something for her. Neither of her parents end up going to the baby shower! Sad. 

Josh and Jenn have only been together one year but keep in mind she’s already 34 weeks pregnant. They were barely together before she got pregnant. OMG he proposed! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! PLEASE SAY NO PLEASE SAY NO. UGH she said yes! Her parents are going to die on the spot. 

Her Mom is doing a very good job of keeping her emotions in check. I thought for sure she’d freak out when she said they were engaged. All she pretty much said was “okay” nods her head. “That’s a very special moment for any woman” and then she said “I’m speechless”. Ya no shiz. She talked to Josh about it and he didn’t act too much like a douche. Jennifer looks so awkward. Her Mom refuses to say “Congratulations”. I don’t blame her! 

Both of her parents are SO calm. I wonder if they’re taking something lol. 

I totally get the commitment behind getting engaged. I didn’t want to leave the hospital not being engaged. But I did, and guess what I’M FINE! And plenty of people leave the hospital MARRIED and still aren’t together a year later. 

Jenn makes a good point to Josh! You don’t know ANYONE who wants to marry someone without making sure they’re families like them. And those who do are usually immature jerks!

C-sections suck. Everyone gets to love on the baby/babies except for Jenn 🙁 She’s attempting  breastfeeding that’s good! But switches to formula once she’s home and possibly before that! 

UGH she named Twin B Joshua Jr and gave them his last name. Her parents are in the hallway sobbing. So sad. Especially knowing that within the next 20 minutes she’s going to be disowning him according to the previews! 

Why does Josh think that everything is on HIS terms? It’s crap. I know men like this. They suck. Run Jenn RUN! Poor poor Jen she not only has to listen to her Mom but she also has to listen to Josh at the same time. And she just had two babies. No wonder she’s crying. My heart is breaking for her. I’m so glad her mother recognized that she needed to be the adult and is letting Josh come home with her and the babies. Too bad her entire family and then some immediately invaded her house. And of course Josh only thinking about himself takes off because HE’S uncomfortable. How about the fact that she’s uncomfortable. She just had a c-section for crying out loud. 

Jenn quickly starts to resent Josh for not being around. He’s avoiding her house and the kids. He won’t go there unless her parents are home. So she decides to take the kids to his house. Her mother calls her on the phone and he immediately tells her to get off the phone with her Mom. Any man who tries to come between a daughter and her family is a JERK! They’re in the car and he’s speeding in the rain with the kids in the car. She gets out of the car and tries to grab the kids and he speeds off. He comes back for her but she takes the kids out of the car and calls the cops on him! He spends a the night and jail and tries calling her once he gets out but she refuses to talk to him! 

It ends with Jenn talking about how she needs the support of her family because having twins is hard and she can’t do it all on her own even if she wanted too!

So I think Jenn has a good chance of being on Teen Mom 3 for the sheer fact that she has twins AND baby daddy drama although I guess you could say they already have that going with Leah and Corey. 

This was a good episode and I was SO proud of her when she decided to call the cops on him. What he did was not okay and the fact that he would risk the life of his children shows how immature he truly is. 

And in case you don’t believe me when I say Jennifer is way prettier than Josh here’s a side by side. And Yes. That’s his mugshot! 

Here’s the 16 and Pregnant After show with Jennifer: 

It’s long so here’s the gist: They’re kind still together. They’re just taking it slow. But he wasn’t there in the beginning. She’s choosing to take it slow and maybe work it out with him because she needs to know. And she’s getting her GED! 

So what did YOU think?

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