UK Mums:Looking for a Job?

I know I am! I wish I had a site like this to work with! But luckily for all the UK Moms {Mums :)}  there’s! Here’s a little idea of what the site looks like! 

As you can see they have part time jobs, work out of home jobs and work from home jobs! They also give you a nice idea of what type of employers they have available. If you’re a recruiter you can also sign up and use the site to find employees! 

I checked out the site and it’s really easy to navigate, here’s a little example of what the search page looks like! You’re able to search specific jobs, location and if you want to work full time or part time. I wish they had something like this for US Moms! 

I also like that you can get job alerts via RSS feed that way you never miss anything! I have everything sent to my email inbox now to make sure that I get everything that’s important. Actually I have a couple of email accounts so I can organize everything! If you know a Mom/Mum from the UK you should have her check this out! 

Does anyone know of a resource like this for US Moms? I know there’s job hunting sites out there but I would love to find something that caters to US moms! 

You can check it out at!

The Fine Print: This was a sponsored post written by yours truly! All opinions are 100% my own and weren’t influenced in any way!

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