Teen Mom 2 Season Finale Recap & Thoughts

Okay so this week is a little different. First I’m going to do a Teen Mom 2 Season Finale recap for those who didn’t watch and want to catch up! If you watched it just scroll down so you can see the thoughts part! Also I installed Disqus to make it easier to really talk about it! 

Leah- Visits the nail salon while getting ready for her wedding and chatting with friends.. The night before the wedding the girls go to Corey’s parents house, Corey stays at home and Leah stays with her parents. But Corey obviously misses her because he calls her on the phone and they talk for a bit! The morning of the wedding they go to Corey’s Mom’s Salon to get their hair done. The girls are wearing brown dresses and Corey and his groomsmen have Camo vests and ties. Corey’s Dad gives him a knife that he’s had for a long time and tells him how proud he is of him. As Leah waits to walk down the aisle she starts crying. And when she starts walking down the aisle Corey starts crying. The show ends with Corey carrying Leah over the threshold. 

Chelseahasn’t heard from Adam since she told him he couldn’t have Aubree last episode despite the fact that it’s her 1st Birthday this week! Chelsea is staying with her Mom since her and Aubree have a cold. But of course Daddy is there to take of her when she runs home to get diapers. Sushi anyone? Chelsea’s dad decides that he’s going to tow Adam’s car but he texts him first to let him know. This will cause Drama I’m sure! She goes shopping for Aubree’s 1st Birthday were they OF COURSE discuss Adam. Her Dad called to have Adam’s car towed and actually does it! It’s Aubree’s 1st Birthday and they set up the house in pink and leopard. While setting up for the party her Mom and Sister insist on talking about Adam while Chelsea is obviously trying to end the conversation. On the day of the party Adam texts Chelsea’s Mom to ask when the party was and if he could have Aubree the next day. Chelsea instructs her mother not to respond. Adam shows up after the party wondering where his stuff is. He just walks into the house like he owns the place. Asks for his stuff but doesn’t ask to see Aubree on her Birthday. The episode ends with Chelsea and her friends reflecting on the last year of Aubree and Chelsea’s life. 

KailynThe episode starts off with Kailyn seeing Jo for the first time since filing for custody since his brother watches him during the day. He seems okay with turning their verbal agreement into a written agreement! Kailyn continues to move forward with the custody case. First step mediation! Jo and Janet have a conversation where Janet has to remind him that custody of his son is a big deal, and not something to take lightly. She reminds him that he has to get along with Kailyn because he’s going to be in his life forever. Kailyn meets up with Jordan at the Mexican restaurant while her Mom stays home with Issac. They went to mediation and afterwards get into a huge fight which started because Jo brought up how he wanted to have Issac an extra couple of hours when Issac goes to school. You know in six years. The episode ends with Kailyn and Jo getting into a nasty fight were they call each other names and each tell Issac “Your Dad’s an Asshole” and “Your Mom’s a Bitch”. 

JenelleWithin 5 minutes of the episode Jenelle gets arrested for breaking and entering and having marijuana on her. It’s their friends PARENTS beach house that they were staying in previously but were no longer allowed to be in. Keifer was also arrested a couple of hours later! She calls her Mom tells her she’s done with Keifer and asks if she can come home. Her Mom calls her bluff and says when until he gets out of jail? Barbara tells Jenelle that if she goes back to Keifer she’s getting kicked out! Her friend Amber gets her out of Jail on bond. Kiefer was at his friends house snorting “stuff” and drinking. He was obviously arrested too. Jenelle seems to think that it’s a wake up call on breaking up with Keifer. After getting arrested Jenelle goes back to her parents house and goes to class. Keifer calls her to see if she’ll get him out of jail and she says know. Jenelle and her mother have a heart to heart. And even after that she says she’s starting to miss Keifer and he calls her again to see if she’ll bail him out of jail. She tells him no because he left her in the house and he was doing coke. She tells him he needs to change. She starts to wonder if she’s being too hard on him. She has a heart to heart with her Mom’s boyfriend too but it doesn’t seem like he got through to her. Jenelle decides to bail Kiefer out of a jail but keeps it a secret from her Mother. She goes to get him out of jail using a bondsman and her friend has to co-sign with her. He’s very reluctant to do so but does it. The episode ends with Jenelle bailing Keifer out of jailing and hanging with her friends while her mother is home feeding Jace. 

Leah-I can’t wait to see them get married, it’s going to be awesome! I love that they’re spending the night away from each other the night before their wedding. It’s adorable! And I love that he missed her and called her just to chat. Adorable. Um and it’s hilarious that her sister cuddles her like Corey LMAO, Have I mentioned how much I love Corey? “I got the diaper bag and the tux” Love him. The firls look so cute and I really like the bridesmaid dresses. I could just eat Ali up with her cute little glasses and headband! Corey’s Camo is killing me but I kinda like it J Corey’s Dad’s little pep talk to Corey was SO sweet. Leah better have stretch marks or I’ll be super jealous! She had twins for goodness sake. Leah looks super pretty for the wedding! The wagon the girls went down the aisle in was too stinkin cute! And Corey crying made me cry. This is AWESOME! Love Corey carrying her over the threshold. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Chelsea-Leopard Print party of course lol. I know her Mother and Sister mean well but do they HAVE to bring up Adam and their problems on Aubree’s Birthday? Holy Birthday Cake I LOVE IT! And Aubree looks adorable as well love the tutu. She should call the police on Adam he can’t just walk in her house the way he did. I can’t believe he didn’t even ask about Aubree. He really has some serious nerve. And then calling her names like she’s the one out of line? I don’t think so! Aw so glad Chelsea feels proud of her accomplishments as being a single Mom. She should be.

Kailyn-I love that her Mom is finally being a MOM! I don’t think things would have gone as far as they did with Jo if her Mom would have been there to support her the entire time! I really like Jordan, he seems supportive of Kailyn and with each passing episode I like Kailyn more and more. Mediation seems to have went well but not sure why Jo brought up when Issac goes to school. That’s YEARS down the road. And I really really don’t think they should have talked to Issac and said respectively “Your Mom’s a B*tch”, “Your Dad’s an A**hole”. 

Jenelle-I’m not sure why Jenelle insists on being with Keifer he’s an A**! So this convo with Jenelle calling her Mom to tell her she was arrested? Totally a re-done scene. It’s light out and Jace was holding the phone when she called. Bet they didn’t catch it on cameras the first time around so they had to re-do it! It’s kind of sad that she KNEW she couldn’t call her mother to get her out of jail and that she had to rely on one of her friends! I hope that she really does stop seeing Keifer. He’s a bad influence. Smells like criminals LMAO! Sidenote: She has really pretty handwriting. ANYMORE Jenelle it’s ANYMORE. NOT NOMORE! Her Mom’s boyfriend seems cool. So annoyed that she’s going to bail Keifer out of jail. Apparently some of her friends aren’t so bad. But I guess no one can get through to Jenelle. I can’t believe she asks her guy friend to co-sign the bond and I can’t believe he did it. So sad that once again Jenelle chooses her boyfriend over her son. And Jenelle’s recent arrest shows that she’s still doing it! 

Next week they’ll do the reunion show and I’m so excited to see it! It seems like Chelsea might be back together with Adam and Jenelle looks like she’s going to walk out on filming so it should be nice and drama filled! 

So what did YOU think?

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