Teen Mom 2 Episode 11 Recap

Wondering when the next 16 & Pregnant is premiering? The 3rd Season of 16 & Pregnant premieres on April 19th at 10pm on you guessed it MTV. Get excited. I know I am. 

And in case you’re 16 and thinking about getting pregnant I wish you could smell the poop that just came out of my son’s butt. You would surely change your mind. Anyone have a nose plug? 

Kailyn–She has to file for custody she’s be stupid not too! But I’m glad she wants JOINT custody and isn’t seeking full custody. It’s probably a good idea to drop a class. But she also could have just dropped her boyfriend 😉 Mase has the book that Issac is playing with! If Jo freaks out when they’re discussing custody and their in court it’s only going to look bad for him so Kailyn shouldn’t worry too much! 

Chelsea–UGH men who don’t provide for their children really piss me off. Chelsea’s Mom def doesn’t like being on the camera. I keep getting whiff’s of Mase’s poop. Trust me teen girls wait to have a baby. I digress. I love Chelsea’s Dad. He’s SO good to her! I really hope Chelsea sticks to her guns and doesn’t just let Adam have her whenever he wants. She’s right they have plans he doesn’t just get to call and demand to see her after two weeks. I wouldn’t let my son around random people either. Um Adam it’s hard to see your child when you don’t ASK to see your child. And your girlfriend? Yuck like you. 

Leah–I think Cold feet are normal especially with everything going on with Ali. And I’m glad they’re going to get married, I think they’re going to make it I really do. Their Wedding is in CAMO!? Is this real life? I love that they have a lot of support from their parents so they’re able to go out and have fun together! I wish they had more answers for Alianna :/ I feel so bad for Leah and Corey I can’t even imagine what they’re going through when it comes to Ali. I think I love Leah more and more every episode! 

Jenelle–Excuses are like a**holes everyone’s got one and apparently you have 2834907532084957. Get a grip on life. You stole your Mom’s credit card and ran off to NJ. YOU put yourself in this situation. Everytime Jenelle’s says she wants to be closer to Jace I wonder if what she really means is “I don’t have anywhere to sleep please Mom take me back in”. SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!?!?!?! Jenelle trying to sound professional on the phone to her EX boss makes me giggle. 

I can’t wait for the season finale! Jenelle gets arrested, Leah and Corey get married, Adam flips because his car was towed and Kailyn and Jo argue about custody. And I just realized my life is good. At least for now 😉 

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  1. Jayme says

    I love Chelsea's dad- he cracks me up and he's just an awesome guy.

    Leah is such a good mom, and Corey is a great dad. Those twins are lucky.

    Jenelle is a train wreck. How can she not see she was wrong to take her mom's credit card.

  2. Haasiegirl says

    I haven't watched since the 2nd season..i felt initially they were trying to help girls see about teen pregnancy, but now its like a game where girls get on tv to be rich.

  3. Emily @ TheLastWord says

    Haha glad to see I'm not the only one obsessed with this show! I've gotta say, my favorite person on the whole show is Baaaaawwwwbara (Janelle's Mom). She cracks me up. Although, I do totally feel bad for her, what a life. She even has her own Facebook page (which is clearly run by someone else and prob not endorsed by her) which is hilarious. Can't wait to see the new cast on 16 and Pregnant!

  4. Lisa Noel says

    agree agree agree. i LOVE Leah and just want to give her the biggest hug. I can't imagine how I'd do what she does!!

  5. Momstart says

    I've never seen this show, but I'm sure I would be saying the same thing. I love your comments at the beginning about the poop.

  6. Brandi says

    You did a great job recapping! Janelle is NUTS!
    I hubby and I both laughed at the preview for 16 and pregnant when the guy says I feel weird buying codoms and she says well I feel weird walking around with a big belly. Teen Mom 2 certainly hasn't disappointed, and I can't wait until Corey and Leah's wedding next week.

  7. bdavisnc88 says

    At first I wasn't going to watch this show but now I have to confess that I love it! But don't tell my teenagers.lol
    I had told them that the show wasn't appropriate and thought it would be like a Maury show and glorify teen pregnancy.
    I wonder after seeing the show if the cps people will come take Jace away. I see where Barbara is coming from at times but I also see why Janell is the way she is because it seems that her mom treats her kinda bad too.

  8. Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com says

    I was surprised today when I heard how much she charged on the credit card. Over $700 for one weekend of fun is ridiculous.

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