St Baldrick’s Day

Last week I told you how we were getting ready to go our neighbor’s fundraising event {click that link to check out the event and donate} and I wanted to show you some of the pictures I snapped {and some I borrowed from FB}. First a couple of Mason! We decided to NOT shave his head. Not yet anyway, maybe next year 🙂 

It was a little chilly out so we had him bundled up in his adorable hat!

After hanging out for a bit the event got started when our neighbors, E & P got their heads shaved! 

Then B and another friend shaved their head. B didn’t look much different AT ALL!

This was the youngest participate how cute is he!?

This is a picture that was snapped of all the shavees minus B since he was bringing M and I home since it got a little too cold for M! I hope to add Mason to the mix soon!

Only three girls shaved their heads, E who ran the event, her sister who bless her heart decided to do it last minute and one other girl who only heard about the event three days prior! Brave women they are! 

What’s great about this though is that the awareness doesn’t just end with the Event. I’m sure that E and her sister will get plenty of questions asking why they’re bald and when they explain they get raise awareness about Childhood cancer! 

Here’s a video of B getting his head shaved aka getting a haircut 😉 

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  1. Jayme says

    That is so awesome. I am always in awe of the woman that do it!

    My two oldest sons grew out their hair for locks of love, and my third is now in the process. I guess my family goes for length ROFL

  2. Mama B says

    WOW! At first I thought this post was going to be of Mase getting his head shaved! lol. It sounds like an awesome and fun thing for charity 🙂

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