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Mason’s sleep schedule has been all messed up since he was sick a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think I ever told you guys about the sickness. About two weeks ago Mason woke up at around at 6am. He normally wakes up around this time to eat but then goes back to bed. I thought he wanted to nurse so I rolled over and went to nurse him. He then proceeded to vomit ALL over me, himself and the bed. I stripped him down and we moved to the other bed but apparently vomit makes Mason wake up because he refused to go back to bed so at 6am me, Mason and B were all up the earliest we’ve EVER been up in a long time. 

When he wasn’t vomiting or having it come out the other end {8 times that day FYI and OMG the stink} he was happy as a clam. He took two long naps that day but unfortunately the second one was kind of late but because he was sick I let it happen. And that second nap has thrown us off schedule for the last 2 weeks. Mason’s been waking up late, taking late naps and staying up late and for whatever reason we can’t seem to get him back on a better schedule. We’re working on it though. 

Anyway the other day we were going through the whole Mason refusing to go to sleep before midnight thing because he was too busy being happy and playing when we realized he got awfully quite and we looked down to find this: 

He put himself to sleep in between the couches that B and I were watching a movie on. <3

Adorable to say the least! 

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  1. Emily @ Baby Dickey says

    awww, there is nothing cuter than a sleeping baby! ESPECIALLY when they put themselves to sleep haha

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