Obsessed: Teen Mom 2

I’m going to make a confession and if you know me well enough you know it’s not a confession because it’s a pretty well known fact. I LOVE the 16 and Pregnant franchise. I love 16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2. It is one of the only shows that I will sit down at the time it comes on and watch it.  Teen Mom 2 is almost over but I really felt the need to blog about it and I’m hoping I find some other shameless Teen Mom lovers in the process! 

Okay so FIRST my favorite mom this season is Leah.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this family. I think they’re great because they’re an awesome example of how hard it can be to be teen parents but how with hard work you can make it and have a family! Just because you’re a Teen Mom doesn’t mean you’re going to end up being single and alone. That isn’t always the case and these two prove that! They’re also the only couple in the franchise to have twins! Imagine getting pregnant in HS with twins? I die.

Okay now on to Tuesday’s Teen Mom 2 episode 9: Slippery Slope

Leah/Corey: I feel so bad for them when it comes to Ali’s health issues, I seriously hope they can find answers! But on a side not Ali’s glasses are ADORABLE! I loved the dresses Leah was picking out! Really pretty! I’m so glad that Ali’s MRI came back with normal but I totally agree with her getting a second opinion! You can never be too sure when it comes to the health of your baby! I love that Leah understands that her babies come before EVERYTHING including her wedding! She accurately says Ali is more important than her wedding. I don’t think some of the other girls have this same mindset! 

Jenelle/Keifer: Jenelle drives me NUTS. She is beyond disrespectful and Keifer is ridiculously rude to the woman who is letting him live in her house for free! I can’t believe they were just smoking on the porch like that! I know she says she’s staying with her Mom because of Jace but I question her motives. To me it’s obvious that she cares more about herself than Jace! With that being said I really  hope she can have a better relationship with her Mom asap I think it would be good fro Jace! Oh and serious PET PEEVE it’s NOT BABYSITTING IF IT’S YOUR CHILD! And weird random side note, did anyone else notice that Jace is still rear-facing? Thank God Jenelle’s Mom is taking good care of him! I don’t understand why Jenelle thinks that she deserves slack from her mother when she hasn’t proved herself at all! And am I the only one that notices that she NEVER says good bye to Jace when she leaves the house or you know goes away for a WHOLE weekend? 

Chelsea/Adam: First, the babies kissing on the couch were absolutely adorable! Seems like Adam is just waiting for his Teen Mom 2 check to come in, he’s such a lazy poop! Anyone else notice Aubrey’s leopard bedding? Love it! I think Chelsea is completely right to be paranoid when it comes to Adam! Look at the way he treated her on 16 & Pregnant! HORRIBLE! I think Chelsea is a good Mom she just has a bad boyfriend! I can’t believe Adam in that fight they had at the end! Was he seriously blaming Chelsea for his cheating??! I’m so glad they broke up at the end of this episode! She deserves better but I wish she would have been the one to end it! Hate that it’s him breaking up with her again! 

Kailyn/Jo: Okay so don’t hate me but I kind of agree with Jo to a certain extent. From the way the show is portraying it Kailyn does seem more preoccupied with her new boyfriend than with Issac. How does she find time to spend sufficient time with Issac when she has two jobs and a boyfriend? I guess the only good thing is that according to her twitter stream she’s still with Jordan so obviously it’s serious. I’m SO glad Kailyn’s Mom is finally stepping up and being a Mom by taking Kailyn and Issac in, it’s about time! She probably broke up with her boyfriend! And did anyone else notice the nose ring!? Oh and by the way Jo not watching Issac while Kailyn’s at work isn’t just punishing Kailyn it’s punishing Issac, thank god his brother understands that and decided to continue to watch Issac! Kailyn and her Mom have some serious balls, I can’t believe they had the nerve to walk into Jo’s house AND call the cops. What they’re doing to Jo’s family is just wrong! 

Can you tell I’m obsessed? I’m just waiting for Teen Mom to come to my city! We have a very high teen pregnancy rate here. Our High School even has a daycare! 

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  1. Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways says

    OMG I LOVE this show too, and like you, it is the ONLY show that I actually sit down and enjoy to watch.

    I also side with Jo and his family on the Kailyn issue. What the hell was she thinking bringing her son to meet a new guy, when they weren't even together that long.

    Chelsea has such a supportive dad and is sooo spoiled, but I agree that she is a good mom.

    Leah is also my favorite this season. My heart breaks for what she is going through with her little girl 🙁

    I have nothing to say about Jenelle's story except that she needs to get her priorities straight.

  2. Zookeeper Jess says

    I agree with everything except Kail's situation. I side with her!

    I noticed that Janelle doesn't say goodbye or anything either. She's a piece of crap ugh. She reminds me of my sister in so many ways, seriously.

    I also love Leah!!

    As for Chelsea, I want to scream at the tv I TOLD YOU SO! But hopefully she's learned this time. Probably not though. But she is a good mom.

    I too am obsessed!

  3. WeeMasonMan's Mom says

    I totally love Teen Mom, which is hilarious since I hate reality tv other than Biggest Loser. On the other hand, I'm two episodes behind since it's one of the few shows my husband and I like together. He likes the train wreck value. Then again, he still watches Real World *rolls eyes*

  4. eve says

    LOL, you are so not alone! I wait all week for the new ones and worry about them a lot lol- my hubby makes fun of me all the time!

  5. CrunchyVTMommy says

    ughI didnt even get a chance to freaking watch it. nice summary though. next week ill put the kids in the closet so I can catch up on it :OD

  6. Candace says

    I love this show too and agree with almost everything you said except I don't think Jo has ANY right to threaten to keep the baby and not let Kailyn see him until they get custody papers drawn up… So sad!

  7. renee kristine says

    yeah so, i love that show. the whole series. i've watched it ever since the first episode of 16 and pregnant. i like any show about babies and birth.. but add in irresponsable teenagers? yes please! i watch this so much that my boyfriend has actually gotten sucked it, watches it every week.. plus our best friend and her husband comes over to watch it with us.. addicted? i think so.

    and leah.. ugh, no matter what her or corey is saying.. i cry. it's either nice or sad or just.. i love them.

    jenelle is "like the worst piece of shit mother" to quote her own mom… and of course, she gets arrested in real life for weed possession. oh, and if you haven't seen this.. http://www.metatube.com/en/videos/48350/We-R-Who-We-R-by-Jenelle-Evans-From-Teen-Mom/ you're welcome! it's changed my life forever and i can never listen to the song again.. not that i wanted to in the first place, don't even get me started on Ke$ha with a money sign.

  8. Stefani @ MommyEnterprises.com says

    I watch it when I see it on. I missed this last episode that I wanted to see. I am waiting to catch the re-runs.

  9. Mama B says

    I love love love Teen Mom!! It's soo addicting! I love Leah too. I was a teen mom, and we are making it, so it can happen! 🙂

  10. Baby Making Mama says

    Too many things were coming on my DVR tuesday night so I had to let Teen Mom go. I was beginning to get a little too involved though. I can't help but feel so bad for them and then want to have a good talking to with some of the others.

    Loving your break down! haha.

  11. Annie says

    I watched the first Teen Mom 2 and LOVED it, then I forgot what night of the week it was on and just got too busy to watch. Thanks for the update!
    I am totally watching tomorrow night. TOTALLY.

    OMG Janelle drives me freaking crazy. She has no attachment or bonding to her little boy at all and in breaks my heart. She has serious anger issues, among other issues.

    And who is the spoiled one? THe one whose daddy is paying her rent? Chelsea I think. Well even though I think she is a tad spoiled, she seems like a good mom and a good person. So totally glad her and Adam are done. Shocked it didn't happen soon to be honest.

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