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Teen Mom 2 Episode 10: Two Steps Forward

Kailyn-Jo better not keep Issac from Kailyn, that would just be wrong. I’m glad that Jo’s parents talked to him. It seemed to make a big difference hopefully Kailyn and Jo can continue to be civil! OMG Jo is such a jerk. Kail totally has every right to look through her stuff and make sure she has everything. Honestly I think Jo was just upset that she was actually moving out because it solidified that she didn’t want to be with him! 

Jenelle-When Keifer said “Put Premium in that sh*t” I wanted to smack him. How can he be so rude and disrespectful? And Jenelle, I can’t believe she took her Mom’s credit card! I can completely understand why her Mom is so upset. Janelle has absolutely NO respect. I love that Jenelle’s Mom canceled her cards. That’s what Jenelle deserves! I do wonder how she got home! I really wish she wouldn’t talk to Jace about it though, I know he doesn’t understand but still. She doesn’t know what she’ll do if she can’t see Jace? She’ll live her life just like she has been. So all Jenelle wants to do is see her son but it took her Mom coming after to to finally pick him up?! 

Leah-I just really love them, I can’t wait to see their wedding! LMAO the condoms and the bananas I die. These are the most tame bachelorette and bachelor parties I’ve seen on TV EVER! Just because you get married young doesn’t necessarily mean you’re missing out on anything. Sometimes it means you were lucky enough to find the one! I do understand Leah’s stress though, it’s a lot to do in such a short amount of time! This is hard, I understand both Corey and Leah’s point of view as far as getting married goes. I really hope they can work things out! 

Chelsea-I really hope she can move on. Adam is so frustrating, he’s so selfish. I really hope that Chelsea and Megan can make up. Megan is pregnant…Did you guys know that? I don’t know if she’s pregnant in the season but she’s definitely pregnant right now! Rumor has it she’s trying to get on Teen Mom! FINALLY Chelsea’s Mom, she exists! I bet she just didn’t want to be on camera all the time, not everyone is comfortable with that!

Teen Mom 2 After Show {It’s about 8 minutes long and VERY interesting}: 


UM NO Jenelle even if you had money you wouldn’t take care of Jace because you don’t even attempt to care of Jace now. Kailyn really is a hard worker she’s a good example of what it’s like to go to school, work and raise a child. I love how Jenelle is talking about money problems etc but yet she doesn’t do sh*t for Jace. And people don’t know you have to pay first and last months rent? Most people DO know that Jenelle. OMG why is she still talking? I really wish she would be quiet because she’s acting like she’s raising Jace when she’s not. 

Okay well that’s enough Teen Mom 2 Drama for this week at least! 

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  1. Meant to be a mom says

    I just love your commentary. Its awesome 🙂
    Your so right about these girls though. I've seen some of this seasons episodes but not all of them and I missed last nights but that Janelle girl is a complete mess and I feel so bad for her little boy. SO SAD!

  2. Annie says

    Your commentary was DEAD on LOL
    Yeah, that comment you made about the premium gas thing….I agree. Janelle needs to surround herself with people that will help her be a better mom to her son and respect her mother. Not ones that encourage her to disrespect and steal. OMG.

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