Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 {Arrested}

alternately titled Jenelle from Teen Mom 2 is a FREAKING TRAIN WRECK! 

I’m actually starting to feel bad for her though! Just a couple of days ago she got into a fist fight and this video surfaced: 

To see a better quality of the video go to 

according to TMZ the girls were fighting over Keifer. LOSER. Anyway her Lawyer is saying that she was set up and honestly while watching the video that’s exactly what it seems like. It’s obvious that she has bad friends they were literally PUSHING her to fight! And how convenient was it that they had a video camera all set and ready to go? It’s sad really this girl needs friends, someone to steer her in the right direction! So since the cops have seen the video she’s now been arrested and has been released on bond. I really hope this is a wake up call for her. This is the SECOND time she’s been arrested and I’m sure it all has to do with Keifer. That boy is a bad influence 🙁 

Since we’re on the subject of Jenelle I had to share this video a reader a sent me. I almost died when I saw it! 

No Words. 

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  1. Meant to be a mom says

    Wow, what a seriously messed up life that poor girl lives. That last video. I'm with you, No words!

    She really is a mess. Its horrible but at the same time I have to blame her parents, herself, anyone she is associated with. She needs help.
    Its so sad. I feel so bad for her child.

  2. renee kristine says

    hahahah okay so that video of her dancing… i saw that a while back and connot get it out of myse head…. i also love that she wants to be a film editor… needs some work.

    okay, so jenelle sucks. that's obvious. but i think people are unfair by saying that "she beat her mercilessly even after she couldn't fight back"… why couldn't she? That girls got a good 20+lbs over Jenelle… and she had her in a headlock first… and a nice tight grip on her hair. just because she doesn't swing, doesn't mean she couldn't.

  3. Jayme says

    I can't believe she'd fight over that loser. He's such a user and mooch. But she… I swear she's got no common sense whatsoever. You'd think she'd know better than too do the crap she does by now.

    That second video ROFL

    I also think it's kinda jacked up that she's famous for spitting out a baby as a teen that she doesn't even take care of.

  4. Work, Wife, Mom... Life! says

    worst video ever. i couldn't even watch it. i've never seen that show, but oh geez……..

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