I Should Know!

Little known fact about me. 

My entire Mom’s side of the family is Puerto Rican and they ALL speak Spanish. My Mom, my grandma, my aunts, my titi Isa EVERYONE except for me apparently. And my siblings. I always told myself that I would learn Spanish before my Abuelita passed away. And when she died in November I felt terrible that I never learned Spanish so that I can communicate with her the way I was suppose to. 

I took Spanish in High School and in college so I know some things, I can conjugate a couple of verbs. I know plenty of words and if I ever went to a Spanish speaking country I’m pretty sure that I could mange to find a place to stay, find a bathroom and find a place to eat. I can obviously say/understand Hi, Bye, I like, I want, I love you, kisses, kiss me {that would come in super handy in a foreign country}, tired, handsome, pretty, hot, cold, some colors, chicken, rice, I could find a beach and a park. And more I can’t even think about right now. I understand it fairly well. You kind of have to when your grandmother randomly breaks into Spanish but I’m ALWAYS self-conscious when it’s my turn to speak. So I speak English. 

I still want to learn how to speak Spanish, that need to learn was revived when our neighbor’s family from Spain came to visit them. B speaks decent Spanish, enough were they can understand each other and I could understand but I couldn’t speak to them and it was ANNOYING. I was SO annoyed that I couldn’t speak to them especially when I should have been able too. This is something that I should have known my whole life. 

So I’m making a personal vow that I will LEARN how to speak Spanish. I’m going to look on Amazon to see if I can get a Spanish textbook. And I might even get a spanish tutor.

Have any of you ever taught yourself a language? What resources did you use? 

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