Flab to Fab Fridays: Week 4 w/NutriSystem

Two Weeks Ago: 129.4
Last Week:  128.8 
This Week: 125.4
Total Weight loss this week: 3.4

Total Weight Loss for my first month on NutriSystem: 9.8

YAY! So excited! I’m thisclose to being to my halfway point! My goal weight is 115 so I’m only about 10.4lbs away from that. And let me tell you something When at one point you were worried about losing 50lbs, 10lbs is NOTHING. 

The next step is to really get exercising! Since to be honest I haven’t done that as much as I’ve been wanting too! 

{Next Month’s Goals}

Staying on track with drinking 80z of water/day!
Exercising 3-4 days/week
Losing 7lbs! 

I think losing another 7lbs is a reasonable goal. While it would be awesome to lose the complete 10lbs and then go for another 7ish pounds for my stretch goal*. I know my body and I know that 7lbs is a perfect goal for this month! 

*I’m so excited about the weight that I’ve lost I’ve created a new stretch goal. 108. Wish me luck 🙂

{How Much I spend on Grocery Items while on NutriSystem}

I don’t like very many Fruits or Vegetables well actually I like tons of different Vegetables but Fruit not so much! 

On Average I go through about a 5lbs of Green Apples Every week which costs me about $5.99, 6 Heads of Romaine Lettuce that costs me about $3.99 and 5lbs of Carrots which costs me about $4.99. I also get eggs for my protein which costs about $3.08 for 2 1/2 Dozen!  And a Variety of Frozen Vegetables for $.99/lb!  

The Lettuce usually lasts about a week and the carrots are on the same schedule as the Green Apples! The Eggs last me about two weeks depending on how much B eats eggs as well! 

The Romaine Lettuce is usually $1.99 in the supermarkets so I get mine at Costco. It’s a ridiculously better deal. I also get a really good price on the eggs because we have a grocery store around here that sells overstock or things that are about to expire but haven’t! I don’t buy the carrots or apple at Costco because I found it to be more expensive than at the grocery store. But I have to look into that again because last time at Costco I got baby carrots and whole carrots are less expensive than baby carrots! 

My weekly spending ends up being around $14.00 So about $56 a month! 

Which really isn’t a lot AT ALL! 

Remember I’m always hear if you have any questions at all, so don’t hesitate to ask! 

Just so you know: NutriSystem provides my the NutriSystem meals, all opinions are 100% my own and weren’t influenced in any way, I wil always be honest with you, if you have any questions you can go ahead and ask me in the comments below! I will get back to you asap! Would you like to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem too? Visit NutriSystem today or call 888-853-4689.

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