Wish List Wednesday

I was wishing for WAY too many things this week, so I’m going to save some things for next week too since I’m SURE I’ll still want them next week too! and Mason {or me whateves} was wishing for some things too!

Mason would LOVE a year’s pass to the Children’s Museum downtown especially with Summer coming up! It’s the only price option that makes sense! Go once a week {like after story time} and it pays for itself with in 2 months! 

This thing is too cool for words! I could see B, M and I having the time of our lives on this thing! 

and I want a DSLR SO SO SO bad that it hurts inside so I can capture all the memories!

and once my contract is up the iPhone 4 for Verizon. This. For sure. You know if i have the mulah.
an Ipad for multiple reasons but mainly because it’s the cool thing to have 😉 


A Nook Color , I know I know everyone is all about the Kindle but not me! I LOVE the Nook Color! It’s amazing, I love that I can have fun children’s books for Mason that I can read to him wherever without lugging around all his books. And browsing magazines in color? So cool. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you can go to any Barnes and Noble and read ANY book for up to an hour! How amazingly cool is that? Obsessed. Seriously Obsessed!
A girl can dream right?

 This was a super expensive Wish List Wednesday! Oh well! I want what I want!

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  1. Alyssa says

    OMG! We had one of those inflatable pool slides for a 4th of July party once and we drained my friend's well! haha It was also covered in blood by the end of the day.

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