Teething Biscuit Recipe {Party Favors at Mason’s Birthday}

I was browsing blogs the other day when I came across Don’t Worry Baby who had a teething Biscuit Recipe. I knew I had to try it because I had all of the ingredients on hand {well sorta}. I had to switch things up a little but they still came at pretty good, good enough in fact that I gave them as party favors to our teething guests! They were hit! 

So I wanted to share the recipe with you guys and show you what I did a little different! 

First You’ll Need:

and a 
And then 


1/2 Cup Whole Wheat Flour {Organic if Possible}
1/2 Cup Baby Rice Cereal {I used Oatmeal cause it’s what I had}
1 1/2 Tablespoons Canola Oil { I used Vegetable cause it’s what I had}
Cold Water by the Tablespoon {to add to form dough}
Flavor to taste–I added Cinnamon and a Teaspoon of Vanilla 

I’ve done this by hand and using my Kalorik Food Processor to create the dough. 

First you want to combine all dry ingredients 

If you’re using a Food Processor your next step is to put the top on, get it started & slowly add the oil. If you’re doing it by hand you want to add the oil, start stirring & slowly add the water, tablespoon by tablespoon! Once you’ve added the oil & some water your dough should start to look like this: 

When it’s done it should look like this: 

 If you’re using Baby Oatmeal instead of Rice Cereal it’s going to take a little but more water! 

Next you want to flour your surface and possibly your dough ball, mine was a little to wet so the extra flour helped it not to be so sticky and easier to work with! 

Then you want to roll out your dough so you can cut your shapes!

Then you want to bake for about 10-12 minutes at 425 Degrees

Keep a close eye on them though! They burn semi easily! 

Once their done let them cool and sit overnight uncovered then you can store them in an airtight container! 
*Another Note* These last two pictures are from my first attempt. I rolled the dough WAY too thin and they came out HORRIBLY. You want to make sure your dough is thick. You should make about 6 decent sized biscuits with this recipe so if you can make 12 your dough is too thin. My second attempt was with the Elephant Cookie Cutter which is what I gave to the kiddos. This came out much better because I learned from my mistakes! Hopefully your FIRST batch will come out great because you’ll learn from my mistakes! 

This is what our treats bag looked like: 

and inside where these babies. See how much thicker they are? 

Thicker=Better with teething biscuits! 


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