Mason’s Favorite Reads

On any given day I have read each of these books at least once. Mason normally comes over to me and throws at me hands me one of them. So happily I read them to him. He always gets super happy and pretty much dances to the lyrics. If I’m actually singing the book or not he doesn’t matter to him. And when I’m done he throws it at me hands it to me again to read over and over. 

He loves to kiss the babies in this one.  Too Cute for words.

This one he loves so much he totes it with him wherever he goes, including Cash’s water bowl and he also managed to rip the last page off! That’s baby love. He loved it so much he had to destroy it!

When I read him this one he dances like it’s a song and loves to hear the toilet flush. I’m hoping this is a sign that he’s almost ready to potty train 😉 

This one is not only one of Mason’s favorites but mine as well! I sing it to him and he immediately starts laughing and giggling I don’t even need the book anymore. Half the photos you see of him smiling is because I started singing this song. Especially if he looks like he’s shaking his head violently. 

What’s your child’s favorite book? 

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  1. WeeMasonMan's Mom says

    Oooh, I've never seen those first two before!!

    The flushing potty was a huge hit at the store (I work part time at a book store) and Snuggle Puppy is a favorite around my house!

  2. Alyssa says

    L is just starting to bring books over to us to read, and she laughs every time we turn a page! Too funny. I need to get her some more books soon because I'm getting her the canvas book shelf from CSN!

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