Mason’s 1st Birthday: Peak in on the Fun

To check out the decorations click here.

Before everyone got to the house B took Mason for a walk so I could get some things done! 

Don’t they both look thrilled that I’ve just shoved a camera in their face?

We thought Mason would be super excited to see all of the kids but I think he was the teeniest bit of overwhelmed with all the people! 

First he was mesmerized by the TV while everyone else was in the kitchen, so I tried to get him to come into the kitchen which resulted in him going on the stairs and a photo shoot.

and then he finally decided to come in!
But first he had to give us his shy face!

And then he was all smiles!

Especially when he saw all the cupcakes being decorated! 


Coming Up Next: Happy Birthday Singing and the Smash Cake! 

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  1. June L says

    He is soooo cute! Love the pictures. My favorite is when he is looking around the corner on the stair case but you can see his face. Thanks for sharing.

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