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I posted on Friday it still seems like I’ve been MIA from here. Maybe because besides that I haven’t written much? I haven’t checked my email and I haven’t read very many blogs. I think I just needed a break. A break I feel like I still need. A longer one that is. A lot has happened the last couple of days even though none of them entirely big in my life. Just eye-opening. 

But there are things to attend too. Phone calls to make, emails to read and respond to, things to be done. So my break is over. But I think I’m taking something from it with me. And that’s not needing to be connected all the time. It absolutely got to that point where I felt like I need to be in the know. I’ve slowed down with Twitter which has been nice. Although today I got some unfortunate news couldn’t help but take it to twitter. I guess the only thing I can say from that is if we all just agreed with each other where would the fun be in that? where would be the growth as a person? I refuse to just nod my head along with everyone who has an opinion because I have my own. 

So starting semi bright and early I’m going to make those phone calls, read and answer those emails and come up with some sort of schedule to get more of a balance in my life. I’m hoping to be working soon which means less time with Mason and I want to soak up everything I can with him now cause soon {hopefully cause I need a job not hopefully because I don’t want to spend all day with him} I’ll have a job and Mason will be in day care or something like that which I really don’t want for him but it is what it is and there is nothing wrong with it anyway.

Oh and I finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett. If you haven’t read it yet you have to. You really do. It was amazing and even though I borrowed it from the library I will probably purchase at some point too because it was that good.  Check out my left side bar to see what else I’m reading! And you can check out my reading list or 12 in 11 to see what else I like to read! 

What was the point of this post? Oh that’s right there was none. 

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