What are you Worth?

Particularly as a blogger. I’m not a big blogger, I’m no Dooce. I’m no Dear Crissy. And I’m certainly not The Bloggess. Although I wouldn’t mind being her for a day! 

But just because I’m not HUGE doesn’t mean that my voice is worth nothing, that I’m not worth anything. 

When I first started doing this blog thing I used to get SO excited when a company contacted me and not the other way around. Especially since creating Little BGCG and His Mama Review It! Blogging is HARD work in case you didn’t know that. I take time out of  my day to write every single post. I take time to write about companies, share my thoughts and opinions, take pictures and promote my posts. So it irks me to no end when a company writes me asking to do something for them for free. 


Here’s a discount code for your readers, here are some images!
Blog about it. 



I think The Bloggess said it best with this post. She is far funnier than I am and it certainly deserves a read. 

Why would I or should I blog about a company for absolutely nothing in return? Why do they think that bloggers will do this? 

I can tell you exactly why. Because some of the bloggers don’t know any better. Myself included. I have and still do to a certain extent engage in these types of promotions for companies. 

But I’m doing myself and other bloggers a disservice. We’re telling companies/sponsors that we’re not worth anything. If a company sends this kind of email out, a handful of people just ignore it, a handful of people do what the company asked and even less say “NO, I’m worth more than what you’re offering.” And therein lies the problem if we’re all silent as bloggers companies are never going to know that what they’re doing isn’t right or fair

Before you as a blogger engages in any sort of contest/promotion for a company you have to sincerely weigh the pros & cons in participating whether you’re brand spanking new to blogging or a seasoned pro. 

Some questions to ask yourself:

How will this help the company? What do they gain? 
How will this help my readers? What do they gain?
How will this help me? What do I gain? 
Is this worth the time and effort? 
Is it worth the readers I could potentially lose by asking for votes? 

You are worth something and only you can determine what that is! Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and what you’re worth! 

Some of my bloggy friends warned me about writing this post. Said I’d scare off sponsors. And maybe I did? But I’m okay with that. Because if saying that I’m worth something scares off a potential sponsor than I don’t want to work with them anyway, with all due respect of course 🙂 

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Justine says

    i'm glad you wrote this. i am not new to blogging, but i am new to sponsorship/giveaways/review. so far, the only reviews i have done have been ones that i have bought the product, because it's something i wanted, then i loved it, so i wrote a review and asked them to do a giveaway. but as i get more experienced, i want to be a blogger who is asked to review stuff. thanks for sharing this, because, honestly? i have no idea.

  2. Milehimama @ Mama Says says

    Great post. And it is true that you will have fewer "opportunities" to advertise (review) brands for free. But you know what? That's OK!

    Don't forget that you have to pay taxes on anything you get "free" anyway. And you ARE providing a service.

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