Mason Does Storytime AND the Children’s Museum

Today Mason and I woke up just in time to get ready for Story Time at the library! It’s been a while since we’ve gone and I knew he would enjoy it, so off we went! 

Let me tell you my kid cracks me up, when we got to story time and I put him down to take off our jackets he FREAKED out! Maybe he thought it was some sort of daycare and I was leaving him? I dunno. It was weird because he’s been around much more people than that {my extended family at Christmas} and didn’t freak out like that! B says it’s because he can “smell” that it’s his family lol. 

Anyway we start doing story time and I’m waiting for the Old MacDonald part because I just KNOW Mason was going to love it, It’s one of his favorite books and he always makes me “read” it to him. He gets all silly and laughs and dances like a crazy person! So the Librarian and the group starts singing and he wasn’t interested at all! What the heck is that about? 

Then towards the end of the class we the Librarian turns on Jeremiah was a Bull Frog for all the kids to dance too and I put Mason up and he starts dancing and I say “Go Mason” and all of a sudden he looks around, stops, puts his hand on his face kinda rubs it a little and runs to my lap. Today has taught me that’s his “I’m Shy” face/action. It’s cuter than words and I need to get it on tape some how! 

After the library we went to the Children’s Museum which is free and on the same block as the library! Mason loved it and I think I will make this a weekly thing as long as I can! Here are some pictures I took! The ones from story time are on my phone and since Mason dropped my phone in Cash’s water bowl it’s out of commission for the time being! 🙁 

 Walking to the Children’s Museum cell phone in hand! 
Wouldn’t want to miss an important phone call! 

This is around the time he took a nose dive onto the floor 🙁 

If it was climable, he climbed

He kept wanting to go down the slide but he was afraid. He never made it down without my help! It was hilarious watching him try to figure out how he was going to get down! 

Looking in the boat! 

Trying to climb in the boat! 

Just checking things out 🙂 

For some reason Mason was not too keen on going down the slide. He kept psyching himself up to do it and then deciding against it. I have a video of some of it but it went on MUCH longer than this lol 

In this one Mason notices himself in the mirror. He likes what he sees 🙂 

Do you have a Children’s Muesum near you? What other fun things do you like to do with your LOs during the week?

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