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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post “I’m Scurred“: 

im all about whats good for baby and everything BUT i also do think 2 is a little old to be latching on to a mother breast! 

When there are teeth involved and they can ask for your breast to feed from, I think it is time to stop. Now this is only my opinion not facts. And speaking of facts, there are SO many conflicting articles whether or not breastfeeding up to a certain age is really relevant so all the mumbo jumbo we read may not be true. Correct me if i’m wrong buttt the first 3 weeks or so is the most beneficial to the baby because it contains the most concentrated amount of vitamins and antibodies??

I think its just that people don’t want to see another persons breast while they’re eating because it is a little uncomfortable whether or not its how your feeding your child. Breasts are “private parts” also, so when someone exposes a breast while around other people especially a male, i think the mood changes to an uncomfortable enviroment. 

All in all he is not my kid, I chose to stop pumping at a certain point because I wanted to.. there was to much going on in my life, with work family distractions etc and I wanted my child to use a sippy and drink whole milk etc etc etc.. knowing the positives of that as well. But like i said he is not my child, but i do think that the reason your family has an issue with it is because they are uncomfortable being around it. 

Happy New Year! 

This is a comment that was left on my I’m Scurred post. Anonymously. Shocker, I think not. I HATE anonymous comments. I have no problem with people’s differing opinions. Before Mason was born I thought breastfeeding to a year or past that was weird and I STILL think that for me there is an age that will be too old. I would have loved to respond to this comment privately in an email to encourage discussion, debate etc. But I can’t do that because although this person seems to stand by their opinions, they don’t stand by it enough to be identified with it. 

So Dear Anonymous, 

1) My Child isn’t two. He just turned 11 months old. He’s a baby. 

2) Since you seem to be one of those, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics Breastfeeding is recommended exclusively for the first six months of life and support for breastfeeding until a year and beyond. The Canadian Pediatric Society believes the same except they go a step further and recommend until two years of age AND beyond as long as it’s mutually desirable for both mother and child. 

3) Some children are BORN with teeth, it’s rare but it happens, should that mother and child not breastfeed? Mason asks to breastfeed by signing therefore he can ask for it. Should I stop giving him the best nourishment he can get because he’s smart? 

4) And in reply to “Correct me if i’m wrong buttt the first 3 weeks…” Consider yourself corrected. But I don’t have to go into that. Since you seem to be so well versed in what research studies say you should already know that you’re wrong. Also please refer me to the “research” articles that you found that conflict with the FACT that breastfeeding is extremely beneficial for babies! 

5) I never said I was going to whip out my entire boob and feed Mason without any concern for discretion. And I can honestly say that I see more cleavage walking through the mall or hell even at my family gatherings from my teenage cousins than they see while I breastfeed my child. 

And Finally

I under estimated my family. If anyone had a problem with my breastfeeding none of them said a word. And we even had discussions about it.

Who knows though, maybe they said it anonymously 😉 

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  1. Jen - LifeWithLevi says

    I heart you. Because you rock. And so does this post.

    Also really happy to hear that the whole family thing worked out well!

  2. Zookeeper Jess says

    love it!! I breastfed my son until he was 2. He got 2 teeth the day he turned 4 months old. I must be a sicko!! Real intelligent people out there.

  3. Kendra says

    Wow. Your response was PERFECT! I would love to see where anon found these "facts" about breastfeeding. We are going on 13 months now and my daughter has 8 teeth. She is able to ask for milk when she wants it. How repulsive. It's good to know that I'm not giving my daughter the benefits of vitamins and antibodies because she is older than 3 weeks. ::eye roll::

  4. Double Duty Mommy says

    wow, I love the point u make… if you're going to open your mouth then say your name! What are you hiding?! You believe in what you're saying, right? So let everyone know who you are!

    It's so annoying but you hae so many valid points, especially since Mason is not even two like this person seems to think (lmao).

    Do you mama! BF Mason for as long as you damn well please!! 😀

  5. Erica says

    ok guyssss i know mason isn't two.. it was a joke im littlebgcg's friend!!!!!! i work with babies all day long, see breastfeeding people all the time.. just trying to lighten the mood a bit since ppl were getting a little huffy in the last post… trust me i dont care when where whom you breastfeed im very whatever about all that stuff… the only thing that was true that i said was the teeth thing, only cause im scared of that personally!! anything else, do as you wish..=) they are your kids not mine so why should i care, thats the point i try to make when i respond usually.. why other people care about how you parent your own children is beyond me.. so everyone can calm down..i was trying to break the tension a bit!! HAPPY 2011 all!!!

  6. Erica says

    and "Kendra" im sorry im so repulsive to you for stating an opinion that wasn't even mine to begin with it was a joke. i must be a sicko to have the disgusting gall to take care of other peoples babies all day for next to nothing. im sorry you didn't like anonymous' fake opinions, im guessing because they aren't opinions that you agree with and thats fine.. thats how most people chose to argue their side of stories, i myself have done this very same thing but lets all take a chill pill.. it was a joke and im pretty sure i've commented on another post about Breastfeeding where i was completely outraged at what people were doing to breastfeeding mothers!! So maybe you should relax before you call someone repulsive.. especially someone whom gives their life to babies before their own!

  7. Joanna says

    Whoa. You are little bgcg's friend and posted a comment like that anonymously? What kind of friend would write something like that. I don't think it is funny at all. Weird sense of humor you have…

  8. Erica says

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm his friggen godmother, it was a joke.. there was nothing offensive towards Christa at all!!!!! I never said mason was 2.. i never said she whips her boob out, never said he had teeth or that he was dumb… LIGHTEN UP!! Im done with this conversation it was meant to lighten the mood a bit.. apparently everyone is to good for others opinions!! and i still stand by mine.. teeth on MY boobs, is NOT FOR ME.. like i said and will say.. do as you will!!

  9. Justine says

    i read your post and wanted to comment immediately. then i read all the follow up. first-you responded beautifully to what would have offended me. i might have offered a bit more of a smack down.

    erica-i assume that you are the one she was responding to? obviously, she didn't know it was a joke, because it was impactful enough to warrant a response. you did mention that "2 is too old", so it's safe to assume that you were saying her child was 2, no?

    what's sad is that there are people out there who really believe that way, and there are women who want to do what's best for their baby, but are afraid of people who are ignorant and actually BELIEVE what you just said.

    BTW-my kid was 3 months old when she cut her first tooth. at 12 months, 2 weeks, she has 10 teeth, she is still nursing, and she hasn't bitten me once.

    joke or not, i think that was in poor taste. but i'm new here, what do i know?

    christa-thanks for stopping by. i love your blog and am your newest follower! =)sorry to step on the soapbox so early! i don't care if you chose to BF or bottle feed, but i think it's important to be well informed and supported no matter what your decision.

    gah….stepping down now. seriously =)

  10. Erica says

    actually no i didn't mean 2 was to old for mason considering i know hes not even one.. if u read the follow up comments on the original post someone said that their child was 2 and thats whom i responded too… anddd i didn't tell christa that i was going to do it so obviously she responded the right way.. i told her prob right before she posted this post…

    and LIKE I SAID BEFORE.. if your kid has teeth and your cool with that and god bless your hearts they havent bitten you.. thats great =) thats not for me.. i dont want teeth near my nipples, if my kid cuts a tooth at 3 months, im sure ill think differently considering their still in infant stage.. but again.. a two year old with teeth is not my cup of tea..

    may have been in poor taste but then again it was only a joke.. have a lovely day~

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