Flab to Fab Fridays: Week 2

Flab to Fab Fridays

I’ll be honest here when I say I didn’t do as much as I would have liked or drank as much water as I would have liked. I’m getting better at eating less though and I’m still doing SOMETHING every day even if it’s just some crunches or squats. It was uncharacteristically warm the day I brought Mason to story time and the museum so it was nice towalk around town a bit, I’m excited for it to get warm again so we can go walking. 

SO I’m going to take a big step here and reveal my *real* weight which obviously isn’t 513. But since I didn’t explain it in the last post the way I explained it in the first people were rightfully confused. And I’m confused trying to figure what the number stand for lol. 



Last Weeks Weight: 138

Today: 136.4 {weighed myself on Wednesday too and it was 135.4 so I think I’ll be at 135 next week!!}

Weight Lost: 1.6lb

Weight Goal for Next Week 


lbs to lose this week 1.4

I’m tempted to round up but we’ll just keep it at that so that if I do end up losing more I feel all proud of myself, tricks of the trade 😉
How did you ladies do this week?

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