Flab to Fab Fridays: 1st Edition!

Flab to Fab Fridays

Whew! So it begins. 

This is the year that I get skinny. Last year was kind of a bust as I was recovering from the monster which came out of my vay jay jay. 

I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight give or take a couple of pounds {thank you holiday foods and treats}. But now I have to lose what I was working on losing before I got pregnant with Mason. I want to lose another 25-30lbs. If I could lose even more than that it would be amazing but I don’t think my body could physically do that despite what a BMI calculator might say! Anyone else feel this way?

Timeline: 6 Months 

Goal Weight loss: 21lbs
Current Weight: 513* 
Goal Weight: 492

Stretch Goal: 26lbs
Stretch Goal Weigh: 487

*This is not my actual weight, I refuse to tell the internet what my real weight is. It may make me cry.

So why Fridays? Because the weekend is notorious for cheating so weighing yourself on Friday will allow you to cheat a little over the weekend and have time to make up for it. I however will also weight myself daily. 

Some people think that’s extreme, however I don’t think it is! It really helps me to help keep myself accountable for what I eat on a daily basis. 

I want this to be a lifestyle change, not a diet. So there are things that I want to do more: 

1) Eat More Fruits and Veggies
2) Drink More Water {at least 70oz/day}
3) Work out 3-4x/week {Thinking about doing the 30 day Shred to jump start}

Feel free to link up below and share your weight loss and getting fit journey with me! 

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