Dinner=Bath Time

We do baby led weaning in this household. Mason is still pretty much exclusively breastfed {post on that to come later} and he has only fairly recently shown interest in food i.e. if I’m eating something he’ll come up to me open his mouth and go “AHH”. Otherwise he eats when we eat and he eats what we eat. We put the food on the tray for him and let him pick at it sometimes I’ll try and feed it to him myself but for the most part he feeds himself. 

The downside to a baby feeding himself is that he makes the biggest mess every single time so Mason normally ends up going from the high chair straight to the bath. 


You can’t see it completely but his shirt says Born in 2010. I can’t believe it’s already 2011. I can’t believe my  baby is going to be one in just a couple of days. 

Off to cuddle the little man!

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Meant to be a mom says

    He has the best hair EVER!!

    We do this same thing with Cooper as far as eating. And yes the bath right after is almost always a must. But hey they eat 🙂

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