1st Birthday Inspiration

**I wrote this yesterday so now it’s a WEEK away from Mason’s Birthday**

Oh dear. I can’t believe that Mason is about to be one in 8 days! This time last year I was 40 Weeks Pregnant. I was so worried about when he would actually come. I gave him his own little time frame. Can’t be on the 27th {that birthday was taken} couldn’t be before the 27th either because then my family would miss it. Couldn’t be the 29th because that’s *my* birthday. People told me I would look back and go I can’t believe I was worried about him being born on my birthday. I’m happy to report that I was right. I had a right to be worried and was more than thrilled that he didn’t come on my Birthday! 

In just 8 days I won’t be saying “This time last year I was….” I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand I’m so excited that we made it through his first year all in one piece. And on the other I’m devastated that I’m not a “new” mom anymore. Where did the time go? 

Before I start crying let me get back to the original reason for this post. Mason’s Birthday. His First Birthday. His Last First. Okay I officially failed the don’t cry over this post mission 🙁 

Anyway. I’ve been scouring Etsy and the rest of the web for some Birthday Party Inspirations and here’s what I’ve come up with so far! 

3 PIECE SET Party Hat - Diaper Cover - Necktie for Cake Smash or First Birthday - Baby - Boys
{via Stacey Bayless}

SAFARI Animal Cupcake Toppers
{via AJZDelights}

Blue Polka Dot  Baby's First Birthday Hat Any Number Available
{via GlassyLassy}

{via ProffittProductions}

Birthday banner, 2d zoo Alexander Henry, handmade, one of a kind

{via Sew Silly Designs}

The Elephant Birthday Plate- Personalized

{via aedrieloriginals}

High Chair Banner-Cupcake Design
{via Stylish Celebrations}





And finally for a photo shoot:

_DSC0595 copy-ree
{via The Pioneer Woman}

and a little something for the Mama

Elephant Charm, Initial Disc and Pearl/Birthstone Sterling Silver CONVERSATION Necklace - Hand Stamped
{via MadisonCraftStudio}

I swear this necklace was made for me. It already has my initial on it and a good luck elephant to remind me of Mason Man

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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