What NOT to Wear: ER Edition

Now that it’s been almost a FULL week since the “Penny Incident”I figure it would be appropriate to write this. And if you don’t think so oh well 🙂 

I’m a nervous laugher. What does that mean? I laugh at the most inappropriate times. Like when I was 16 and getting my belly button pierced, I was soo nervous and I was laughing hysterically while the piercing guy was telling me to pretty much stfu. I get it from my Mom. The same woman who laughed through my great grandma King’s funeral. She blames it on the hormones because she had just had Allie but we all know it’s because she’s a nervous giggler too. 


So we’re walking down the hall and I’m clutching the green blanket we grabbed to keep Mason warm {because the ambulance people were so concerned about getting us in the ambulance so they could get our money that they wouldn’t even let us get his coat} when all of a sudden I burst out laughing and B’s just looking at me like wtf?

Well I’ll tell you wtf. For one I can’t believe this is even happening. Like did my baby really just choke on a penny? Did I really watch him turn a reddish purple? Did that thick mucus really come out of him? And how in the hell did he manage to get it out? And right as we walk into the hospital I’m suddenly very aware of what I’m wearing. Leggings that are semi see through on the butt with hot pink undewear underneath with white fluffy slippers. And my Baby Daddy? He’s wearing Dickies overalls like these: 

Look behind M and his pawpaw, do you see it? Yup that’s my BD in the dickies overalls.

Welcome to VA. I officially look like a hot mess hick. B completed the package with the overalls. BUT at least this isn’t my BD:

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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