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Okay so I’m suppose to do this on Thursday so sue me. I’ll do better next time! So without further ado: 

The C-Word 

Now for those visiting this from twitter you know that there has been a lot of controversy about one blogger saying it to another and to be quite honest I don’t really care who uses it or who it’s used on. I just hate hearing it. It’s just a nasty sounding word. I think it’s the harshness of it. Which is a little hypocritical of me since the F word is just as harsh but I really like that word. Makes EVERY argument you have sound much stronger! I dunno maybe I’m a prude for not like the c-word. What do you guys think?

Arizona University

When my BF bets on you because you’re suppose to win because it’s “already in the books” and you don’t win that makes me want to punch your dumb asses. You were suppose to win. B said so. Do your job. Win Shit. 

Men in General

My friends and I have been talking and we’ve come to the consensus that men just pretty much suck and what I said to them I’ll say to you. Things have not changed since the 50s women are still expected to cook, clean, take care of the kids, do the shopping etc but now they’re also expected to get a job outside of the home. Does that sound like some sort of advancement? Because it doesn’t to me. Hell if I’m going to be doing all the cooking, cleaning etc. I think I’d rather be in the 1950s. Seems a little easier with a whole lot less pressure! 

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  1. Little Miss Emmy Lou says

    I agree with the gender roles comment! I dont work outside the home, but often feel the pressure to. And also the pressure to do EVERYTHING for the family and the household. Ugh!

  2. CrunchyVTMommy says

    I have nothing to say except for afreakingmen! You KNOW I agree. Thanks so much for posting, linking up, and being a wonderful friend xo

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