Month by Month: 10

Dear Mason, 

Am I really doing this again? Has another month gone by already? I guess it has. This month has been quite the month for you! 

You’ve taken walking to a whole different level and are practically running! You are SO quick! And you’ve learned how to get DOWN the stairs! FINALLY! It was so scary to think you didn’t know how to get back down but now you lay out on your stomach and just slide down! You’ve also mastered getting off the couch and have started to learn how to climb back on it. Cash has been helpful with that, he’s quite the step stool! 

Speaking of Cash your favorite thing to do lately is to tip over Cash’s water bowl. So you’ve graduated to playing in it to wanting to swim in it. It’s awesome {not}.  You and Cash also love to share his dog bone. You’ll put it in your mouth and he’ll gently take it away from you and then you reach inside is mouth to take it back and you go back and forth back and forth. You guys are going to be quite the buddies! 

You’ve been talking MORE AND MORE in the last two weeks it amazing. You haven’t really said anything in particular but we think you’ve been saying “Dog” and boy do you know how to point! You use it to tell us what you want and boy do you want a lot! It also seems like you’ve been saying “that”. And even when you’re not saying anything in particular you’re ALWAYS babbling! 

You had your very first Thanksgiving this month. You were kinda cranky the entire time and you feel asleep on Pawpaw’s lap so you ended up sleeping right through dinner! When you woke up I gave you some turkey and mashed potatoes. You liked it a lot 🙂 And once again you were the Saint’s good luck charm! They played on Thanksgiving Day and were winning, and then losing {to the Cowgirls no less YUCK} then when we put your Saints bib on you the started winning again! Coincidence? I think not! 

You give kisses now! Last month I talked about how it seemed like you were getting it but now you absolutely do! I love when you give them on your own! They’re pretty slobber filled but it’s still so stinking cute I can hardly stand it! 

Last night for the first time EVER you choose your Daddy over me! I was in SHOCK but I was happy for your Daddy because I know it made him super happy! And this morning we both thought we heard you say “Hi Dada” now who knows if you understand what you were saying or not but it sure sounded like you did! 

Your favorite things to play with aren’t toys, instead you like to chew on straws and throw the coasters around! You’re constantly taking stuff out of the cabinets so we had to put rubber bands on everything to stop you! You also love grabbing at my computer and playing with my cell phone and the remote {evidence below}! We gave you an old one to play with but we can’t find it so your back at grabbing mine! It’s so funny because you move your thumbs on the phone the way you would if you were texting. I think you’ve been watching me text too much 🙂 

You’re in 9 month clothes now but some of your 6 month stuff still fits you. But not when you were your cloth diapers! You fit into 12 month footsie pjs and I’m pretty sure you’ll be in 12 month clothing soon! You’re getting so big. I can’t believe that in just two short months you’ll be 1 years old! You’re still pretty much exclusively breastfed but you always have some of Mommy and Daddy’s breakfast, lunch and dinner! You also still sleep with Mommy and wake up quite a few times in the middle of the night, we’re hoping to stop that soon {at least the waking up in the middle of the night thing but we’ll see how that goes}. 

You still only have two teeth. Some of the cutest two teeth I’ve ever seen by the way but you’re cutting another one on top any day now! I think that’s why you were kinda cranky on Thanksgiving! Other than some teething crankiness you are SUCH a good baby! You’re independent and love to play on your own! But you love when we play with you too! We play the kissy game where I pretty much smother you with kisses and laugh hysterically! It’s adorable! 

I’ve been truly blessed to have you in my life Mason and I thank God every day that you are mine! 

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine! 


These pictures keep getting harder and harder to take he’s way too active! 

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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