Christmas Plans and a Want or Two

I shouldn’t even be on here! I have SO much to do! We’re having Christmas Eve dinner at B’s Dad’s house and B and I are doing a lot of the cooking! I’m making some desserts of course, pudding pie, pumpkin pecan caramel pie {because it was such a hit at Thanksgiving} and these candy cane cake pops, a cookie cake {on accident} and Mint and Dark Chocolate Cookies! 

Lemme explain the cookie cake accident. It’s very simple. You CAN NOT substitute whole wheat flour for all purpose flour EVEN if it’s only a 1/4 cup. I should have known. But it’s okay! I made it a cookie cake and our niece L will decorate it tonight! 

Last year I had a post all set and ready, it was my Christmas Wish List. Pretty much everything that was on the list last year is on the list this year and instead of a Wish list I’d like to call it an in my dreams list! 

1. A DSLR. I still can’t decide if I want a Canon or Nikon or maybe even a Sony? The only thing I know for sure is that I want a DSLR! 

2. A New Laptop! Like this Toshiba??
3. A HUGE HOUSE. Any style will do but I think this one is pretty cool and different!

5. SHOES, specifically these boots:
and then of course the non-materialistic things, like health and happiness! 

Mason has quite the Christmas Wish List too! He is going to be one spoiled little boy for his very first Christmas! I can’t wait to show everyone what Santa is bringing him! 

What are your Christmas plans? What’s on your Wish List this year?

oh and 


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