Christmas #Fail

SO how many days is it until Christmas? 

I talked a big talk this year about how I was going to be super organized, cards sent out the day after Thanksgiving, Gifts wrapped weeks before Christmas, etc. etc. 

Well it turns out I am my mothers daughter. I JUST ordered my cards from Tiny Prints {Look for the review soon SO excited!!!}. Believe it or not this is actually ahead of schedule for my Mom! So maybe my future daughter will finally be the one who is organized/gets things done on time! And Christmas Presents? HAHAHA they are hardly bought much less wrapped! 

Oh and a Christmas Tree? Yea we don’t have one of those just yet. We were going to go today but it was so freaking cold I couldn’t take Mason out of the house! I could barely take myself out of the house! Hopefully it will be a little warmer for Mason! We’re thinking fake is the way to go, I was really looking forward to having my very first REAL Christmas tree but with Mason it just doesn’t seem feasible! Maybe when he’s older but for right now it’s just not doable! I’m thinking of getting a smaller tree too so we can put it on our table or something. I’m really not sure it all depends what’s on sale at Target when I go! 

So anyone else as behind as I am? Holiday Cards out yet? What about a Christmas tree? Do you do real or fake?

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  1. Little Miss Emmy Lou says

    I got my Christmas cards out a couple of days ago! We got a plantable Christmas tree. It is smaller – maybe 4 ft. And it cannot be indoors for longer than 10 days so we don't have it in the house yet, it's on the deck next to the house! We'll bring it in this week and decorate it!
    We have most all gifts, but they are NOT wrapped!

  2. Jen - LifeWithLevi says

    Half of the Christmas cards have been mailed. No tree yet. Some presents bought, the rest I'm totally clueless on what to buy. No cookies baked yet either.

    On the other hand, I've spent lots of time playing on the floor with Levi, snuggling with Levi, watching Levi smile, etc… Who cares about all that other stuff when we get to spend time with our beautiful boys?

  3. WeeMasonMan's Mom says

    We just paid $22 for our "free" shutterfly cards so we would actually receive them before Christmas. Oops. I just started Christmas shopping yesterday. I'm usually soooooooooo much more organized than this. Ugh.

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