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Okay so if you don’t read Crunchy VT Mommy you are missing out on one of the funniest bloggers out there. She’s a mom of 2 under 2 and she tells it like it is. And I LOVE her for that! Every week she does a Things That Got My Goat post and she’s {finally} doing a linky this week! So I had to join in! 


Ben Roethlisberger

 Handsome right? ew. vomit. not at all.

 I must have been living under a rock this summer. Scratch that I was raising a little boy. So I wasn’t really paying attention to the news. Well it turns out that this summer he was accused of rape AGAIN. I spent about an hour reading up on it all the while shaking my head. I can’t BELIEVE this guy hasn’t gotten charged yet. That he hasn’t had to take ANY responsibility for his actions drives me nuts. Oh wait he did have to miss 4-6 games during one season. Not too bad for rape huh? 

 Word to the wise: if you’re an athlete and you rape someone you risk getting suspended but if you  SHOOT YOURSELF in the leg you are going to get years in prison. 

 Old {and too young} People on Facebook

I think facebook is great, I really do it keeps me in touch with family and friends which is great. But at the same time it really pisses me off that people who aren’t in college or at the very least started using facebook because they were in college at some point are on there. Let me explain. For those of you who don’t realize facebook started for COLLEGE STUDENTS as a way to network. Then while I was in college they started allowing High School students. And then they allowed EVERYONE and their Mom to come on. Now that would be fine if I didn’t have my little brothers and sisters 10-13 year old friends friend requesting me, and my 40+ cousins posting ridiculous status after ridiculous status {many OVER SHARING}. 

Or announcing that a mutual relative should go be with God causing you to think that they’ve died. It’s absolutely insane and insensitive. That’s how I found out that my Abuelita was sick and in the hospital FACEBOOK, so sweet right? Thank God my mother called me immediately to tell me when she passed otherwise I would have been able to find out from Facebook and my entire family announcing her passing with no concern for people who might not know yet. Like my brothers and sisters who my Mom choose to tell AFTER they were out of school. Thank goodness they didn’t see it before my mother told them. 

Google “Help”

I know I’m risking everything by saying this because Google is ALL KNOWING. But I went to purchase my own domain name for Little BGCG and I accidentally put in the wrong numbers for my card so it was denied. No biggie I tried again. But I couldn’t purchase the domain because it was already in the process of being purchased. Thanks Google, I KNOW, it was me who was trying to purchase it. It told me to contact Google Support. 

Do you know what google support is? It’s other google users like you and I who answer questions posed by people. Oh and it didn’t even provide a link to the support center. There are NO contact numbers or emails for google. So now I just have to wait a couple of weeks and try again.  Hopefully it works the next time around. 

 What Got Your Goat this week?

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  1. CrunchyVTMommy says

    Youre the best! I love this and say that about Big Ben ALL THE TIME! He gets a free pass to sexually assault people? Ugh! Anyway youre the best!

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