I took Mason trick or treating THREE times! It’s his first so I had to make it exciting. Too bad he had NO idea what was going on. But I got to show off my cute little baby and B and I got to have some yummy candy..Win/Win right?

First we did Trick or Treating at the Mall with my friends and Mason’s buddy Christiana 

Get this thing off of me!! 

Seriously MOM! I’m not kidding!! 

I entered him in the Cutest Costume Contest. We were robbed.

Mason and Christiana–they were too busy playing to look at the camera :/

denied. you may not have me or my headband… poor Mason

On the 30th they did Halloween on the Square so B and I took Mason to that too, we went with some friends of B’s! 

He must have been so pooped from all the other Trick or Treating we did because by the time it was the REAL thing he spent most all of it looking like this: 

Once we got home he decided it was time to wake up and eat play with some candy

Some of the loot 🙂 

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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Country Boys....
Finally: The Pumpkin Patch!


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