Finally: The Pumpkin Patch!

Last Friday we finally took Mason to the pumpkin patch for about 5 minutes {on Friday 10/29}. Literally. By the time I made it out there it was open for another 10 minutes and that guy was not joking around he was like “we’re closing up shop in about 10 minutes so deuces” Okay he didn’t say deuces. But he did tell us that he had somewhere to be so….

I quickly took some pictures! 

The Patch was pretty picked through so good thing I was more concerned about taking pictures than actually picking a pumpkin. 

Instead of picking one from the patch we picked one from the already picked ones which also happened to be the perfect setting for some pictures of Mase Face! 

Too bad he was looking every which way but at me! 

Right, Left AND Down but never looking at me 🙁 Big booger. It’s like he knew. Or maybe he was mad because he was napping prior to me subjecting him to the freezing cold country air!

There’s something about this picture that I just love, the way he’s looking into the sunbeams, like he can see something we can’t! 

 This one is my favorite 🙂 

And that was our short, didn’t get very many good pictures, trip to the pumpkin patch. 

*Thanks to Pink Seven Design for Mason’s AWESOME personalized Pumpkin!*

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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  1. Kimberly says

    Where does he get that hair from? LOVE it! My niece who is turning 3 had hair like that. It only grew on the top of her head! Now she's all ringlets!

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