Way Back Wednesday–BlogHer 10′

*Note–I started this post the weekend after BlogHer but never finished it because I was having picture issues, so please ignore the whole “last weekend” and “on thursday” stuff 🙂*

BlogHer 10′ was the place to be last weekend, everyone seemed to be there and lucky me I was one of the people who got to be there. No, I didn’t have a ticket, no I wasn’t there 24/7. But when I saw that @Mamabmy and @BabyDickey were going to be there I KNEW I had to be there! I talk to them both on twitter all the time and couldn’t miss meeting them IRL!

M and I drove into the city on Thursday to meet a bunch of people I know through Twitter @BabyDickey, @Mamabmy, @KristineBrite, and @Birthbabiesblog. I got to meet @KristineBrite and @BirthBabiesBlog right away and then @KristineBrite and I went up to @Mamabmy and @BabyDickey’s room where I also got to meet their roommate @MilitaryMama who blogs at This Military Mama. Mama B had her adorable little boy with her L. This was the first time that M has been with a baby close to his level and let me tell you he loved it! He was looking at L smiling and kept crawling over to him to give him kisses!! 

This did not make L very happy! Especially since L couldn’t escape M! 

M was also super interested in Lil J Baby Makin{g} Mama’s adorable little girl! 

This is our best attempt at a photo shoot for the babies M, Mama B’s lil man L, Baby Makin Mama’s Lil J and This Military Mamas L. We had to give M something because he kept crawling away but apparently L wanted in on the action too!

“oooh another helpless baby I can love on!”

Lucas and Baby J

TRYING to get a picture of Mason and Lucas but Mason was so not interested. He had just gotten mobile so he was moving all around! 

Lucas knocked out in the Ring Sling!  

These were seriously like the ONLY pictures we got together. And OF COURSE we were all sans makeup and it was midnight!
Mama B, Me, And Emily

A not too terrible picture of Mason Man and I

Me and Jenn from Baby Makin{g} Machine

So that’s it! That was my blogHer experience! I wish I would have gotten a ticket so that I REALLY could have enjoyed it but I had a good time with what I was able to do! Especially since ever since then I’ve gotten closer to some of the ladies and I value their friendship more than words can even say! You can visit the ladies I meet at their blogs!

Emily at Baby Dickey 
Mama B 
Jenn at Baby Makin{g} Machine 
This Military Mama

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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Sleepy Sunday: Mason and Hazel Basil!


  1. Baby Making Mama says

    hahaha!! Love it! My favorite thing was reading all of our babies initials! M, J, L.. haha. I had to seriously laugh out loud.

    Our babies are toooooooo adorable!! Lil' J was sooooo small! It makes me sad looking at those, but at the same time, happy, cause she's a lot cuter now, haha.

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