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Mason says Please 🙂 

And if you’re new here, visiting from Top Baby Blogs WELCOME! I promise I don’t normally don’t devout entire posts to getting a vote on Top Baby Blogs but it’s a RESET you guys! And if you’re on Top Baby Blogs you KNOW how hard breaking that first page can be! And you always miss out on super cute blogs but they don’t have 2348072138 votes. Know what I mean?! Anyway Check out my About Me page up there to learn some more about me and my little guy Mase Face, don’t worry Face isn’t really his middle name 😉 

Because You Love Me Him! 🙂
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Way Back Wednesday--BlogHer 10'


  1. Rachael says

    Can I just say…this post was so cute, I just had to vote for you?!
    I'm going to follow along and hopefully get to know you better.
    And if that's a fluffy cloth-diapered butt I see, well then… KISSES!

    do me a favor, though, and check us out at
    Trying to get my blog out there a bit more, and a vote on TBB won't hurt!

  2. Lindsey G. says

    I agree with Rachael… I had to vote for you after reading this super cute post! 🙂
    I love the nickname Mase Face. How cute!

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