Month by Month: 7 & 8 Month Updates!

*Edited to Say–I started this TWO weeks ago, still late obviously and YES I know he’ll be 9 months in just a couple of days. I swear I’ll catch up then. Please don’t give me the bad mommy award :/

It’s absolutely amazing how the months keep flying by. It’s as if having a child puts everything into fast forward. I’m assuming it’s because you want to time to stop. You don’t want them to get older. With every step towards growing older they make, you cheer them on and shed a tear at the same time. Because at the end of the day it does go too fast. Before we know it they’re celebrating their 7 month birthday and before you even get the chance to take their 7 month pictures they’re 8 months. The months are flying by and we’re working our way to his biggest milestone yet. Being a year old. 

and before I know it he’ll be off to school. and then married to some hussy who isn’t good enough for him. Um did *I* say that? What I meant to say was before I know it he’ll be off to school and then off to college and then getting married. And my baby he’ll no longer be 🙁 Well at least not that way that I want him to be! 

On to the point of this post: 

7 Months
August 30th 2010
I’m tempted to take a picture of you now at 8 months with a 7 months sign, and to be honest I probably will. Especially since this picture taken on the 24th is the closet when I have to the 30th #mommyfail

  • Mason Man this was a busy month for you! 
  • As you worked your way to 8 months you took your very first steps 
  • Your very first tooth reared it’s cute {but painful} head 
  • We moved back to VA
  • You started clapping! 
  • You’re in Size 3 Diapers 
  • You’ve started to grow out of you’re 3-6 month clothes!
  • You’re still nursing pretty much all day but since moving to VA you’ve had more and more solids this month you’ve tried Apples, Butternut Squash, and Pears! YUM!
  • You STILL don’t sleep through the night! 
  • You learned how to crawl up the steps, VERY VERY quickly!
  • You started clapping hands! You don’t do it too often but you do it none the less!
  • Weight: 18lbs 10oz
  • Length: 25inches
  • Head:17 1/4
8 Months
September 30th 2010

  • A couple of days before you turned 8 months old you began taking your first steps! It’s only been a couple of days and you have been taking more and more! I suspect that by the time the 30th of October rolls around {when you turn 9 months} you’ll be walking! 
  • You’re in Size 3 disposable diapers 
  • Size Medium Cloth Diapers 
  • Size 6 Months Clothes fit you perfectly, Size 9 Months is still too big
  • You’re still nursing but you’ve been getting more and more solids, we’ve haven’t tried anything new this month, YET! 
  • You sleep in the bed with your Mommy and don’t sleep through the night! 
  • You’re second tooth has made it’s way up! But neither one are fully up!
  • You say DaDa and Baba but you’re still not saying Mama. I won’t hold this against you. 
  • You’re starting to make the connection of waving and Hi and Bye 
  • Just today {October 3rd} I believe you understand kissing. You’ve been giving me lots of kisses today. Spontaneously of course. When I ask for one you just look at me and giggle! I think you’ll get it quickly though. Every time you do it I say KISSES or BESOS! 
  • You’re still my sunshine, my only sunshine 
Weight: 19lbs 140z {Average}
Height: 26 3/4 {20th percentile 🙁 }
Head: 18inches {above average by the way, thanks B}

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  1. Lindsey says

    Oh… I love, love, love this idea! Can I steal it for my personal blog, when I finally get it up and running!?!? I'll be a little behind (she's already 5 months, but I love it!)
    He's such a cutie!

  2. Ashley says

    What a cutie! I love those curls. This is such a wonderful way to keep a record of his growth. Makes me feel an urgency to go back and maybe even finish my firstborn's baby book (he's 4). Then I could start one for my daughter! Yeah…she'll be 2 on 2/2. Oops. =)

  3. Kimberly says

    He is seriously one of the most happiest babies I've ever seen! I'd say cutest too but my son is the cutest 😉

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